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Greatest Feat of Strength


This can be olympic lifting, strongman, powerlifting or a runningback getting 10 yards with three guys on his back.
My choice is Niam Sulamanalu 1988 Olympics 190 kg clean and jerk at 60kg.


I have to name two. Eddie Hall’s 500kg pull.

And Rahman Siamand’s 310 bench in the Paralympics.



Hossein Rezadeheh before the motorcycle accident. Effortless squatting



WR deadlifts


Any sprinters allowed- Ben Johnson wins and slows down. Apparently he had a 600lb squat for reps .
It’s in Charlie Francis’ book.
1.35s ish


I heard he had a 300kg x2 squat, and 180kgx3 bench, his trainers wouldn’t let him go heavier.
Watch his special on you tube, say he would have close to 9second and blown away usian bolt.


If you add his big three powerlifting, and his two olympic lifts i dont think of any body who comes close.


Chris Duffin’s 20x675 sumo deadlift followed by 10x675 conventional is what currently occupies this space in my mind


Ive never seen this before damn, i think any gym he pulls at everyone’s pull goes up.
Heard him on Mark bells podcasr nutz.
Thanks t3h.
Pulls tommorow.
Love to see what he ends up pulling.


I believe serge redding second man to clean and jerk 500lbs, five minutes after alexeev did it , could front squat 800lbs, watch how the form is as compared to now.
He cleans 507? Like it aint shit powers weight up , if i could jerk 500 with that kind of explosion , the bar bends like that would feal close to a nut.


I forgot about this one I found a while back


Hope this works since its from fb and not youtube.


Yeah Mishka was a freak, if WSM were more static strength less height, he would done very well.


Saw him on Mark bells powercast another freak.


I have a few…

-Dean Karnazes 350 mile nonstop, no sleep, run.
-Angus MacAskills carrying a 2500 pound anchor.
-Arthur Saxon’s 370 lbs bent press.
-Adam Ondra’s 2016 ascent of the “Dawn Wall” in Yosemite.
-Any of Alex Honnold’s free speed ascents…


I think im out of that sport, one of these guys was on rogans podcast, they bring toilet paper, on way up.
What do you know about Bruce Lees feats of strength?
When I was in navy we had EOD 6ft 220 who could do 40 chin ups with four fingers two each hand .
Bruce Lee could do like 100 chin up two fingered.
Since we are in heights how many of us could pull 12gs in a fighter jet.


Hey decimation are you referring to the book on physical feats of strength etc, i saw a book on this in the last PL USA i read . It had like 300 pages what is the title if i may ,i have amazon money to spend and want to get this book.


Yeah, I’m sure Rogan has had some of those Valley climbers on his show.

Bruce Lee was a strong dude for sure, didn’t he do push-ups on two fingers or something like that too? Also, catching grains of rice with chop sticks? I’m sure he would have been a cool cat to chat with.

Don’t they wear suits for those high g’s?