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Greatest Ever Mr. O Physique


Inspired by the debate which started in the "Would Arnold Win a Modern Mr. O?" thread.

Who do people consider to be the greatest ever Mr. O? And for that matter the greatest ever phsique on show?

For me I can't seperate Jay, Ronnie and Dorian..

(I will agree noone can match Arnies charisma/personality in my opinion)


Flex Wheeler. Small joints, huge full muscle bellies, perfect flow and proportions.
(well, he didn't win. But he should have!)



But if the OP means Mr O winners, then I'm going with Phil Heath.


No, competitors is fine.

But it would be good if you state a reason for why you think they didnt win..


The only answer that will appease both the mass lovers and the aesthetics lovers is Haney. If he didnt retire he would have been 10+ time mr o, for a reason.


my vote is Ronnie in 2001


Heath cant sniff Ronnies thong here


Greatest Mr.O winner of all time = Ronnie Coleman no contest.

Greatest show of all time = Markus Ruhl 2002 Night of Champions.


Ronnies midsection just looks weird compared to guys like Haney, Heath, and Dexter.


Not as in to the bodybuilding scene as most here, but I personally think Levrone has the best overall physique. He looked like a comic book character. And, he was as strong as he looked.




Jesus Christ!

Markus Ruhl where have you been all my life! I've always known he was good but **** me!

Pause the video @ around 5-7 seconds - talk about a mass monster!

Nice spot.


I just love me some aesthetics. Got to go with Flex.

0:39, just ridiculous...


If Ronnie Coleman at his best stepped on stage with any other Mr. Olympia winner at their best, he would destroy them. He is the absolute greatest of all time.


Two different but outstanding looks.

Ronnie is like a tear in the continuum of bodybuilding. In most sports, champions of the present would beat those of the past in competition. Ronnie is such a genetic freak that he shatters this assumption.

lol, and I'm not even a Ronnie fan. I've always liked Levrone the best.


this thread is awesome.
keep posting vids plz


ProfX, people won't come to Vegas to see an Olympia where such a physique wins??


hands down Greg Kovacs



What are you talking about?

Back then, he was one of the biggest dudes on stage.

Today, he would not be.

He also competed recently enough for most people to still remember it.

Today, they would likely treat him like Ced Mcmillan is being treated....hyped but constantly pushed to get even bigger....which is exactly what Wheeler ended up doing.

That is why you guys didn't pick a vid of his later career.

You picked this one.


x2 and add to that when he talks he sounds like a mix between mike tyson and a tobacco farmer. I dislike ronnie coleman.

I'm personally a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Dorian Yates and Jay cutler. By far the best physiques of there years.


Im surprised that the O hasnt set up an online fan vote for the Olympia by now.

And make it actually worth something. Like 1 or 2 points. Fuck it, replace the points given for the posing routine with a fan vote.


He only nailed it that one time, unfortunately. No one would be able to touch him if he could bring it like that every show.