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Greatest Ending to a Football Game Ever



Holyyyyyyyyy shit.


The guys on "ESPN" were going crazy over this video!

Great stuff!...and funny!



word, crazyy


I used to use something like this in those football video games I used to play. It always worked. It's also fun to watch.


ah yes, the greatest ending to a football game is essentially what rugby is all about!


almost as great.


The Great High School Football Comeback!


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I just saw this and was about to post it.

It is absolutely pathetic that so many of the Millsaps College players just gave up on the play. Look how many of them are just standing around. I think this speaks magnitudes of where college football (and really most sports) has gone in the last decade. There is just no heart in it any more.


As sweet as the laterals were and the win was, the lack of tackling, pursuit, heart, desire, and defense was sickening.


Before you go too crazy over the state of college football, it was the Trinity v. Millsaps College game, not USC vs LSU. Hell, I'd never heard of either of them before that play.



My thoughts exactly. Several of the guys on the '82 Berkeley team that beat Stanford with the infamous 'The Play' also played on Berkeley's National Champion rugby team, and apparently used to mess around with this type of 'rugby return' at practice. It's pretty evident in the way they fall in to support that they played rugby, and I wonder if these guys did as well.


I understand that, and obviously what I said does not hold true for all players. None the less, there is definitely a trend towards this type of attitude, and it is apparent throught Division I also.

I think it all stems from recruiters putting all of their emphasis on athletic ability and ignoring the intanglibles. Many coaches would rather have an amazing athlete with a criminal record and 1.7 GPA than an athlete with 95% of the athletic ability and is an good student and well rounded individual.

I also think this is one of the reasons why the Big 12 and other Midwest schools have not been as good lately (excluding this year, it is still to be determined.) Coaches constantly try to recruit the speed and athleticism you find in Florida, California, and Texas and ignore the hard workers throughout the rest of the US. Texas and Oklahoma have been competitive because they can recruit locally.

Many other schools throughout the midwest recruit in Florida, etc. and have to settle for second and third-tier athletes because a Kansas State can't compete with a Florida when it comes to recruiting. Thus, not only do they not get the best athletes, but they also settle for less than ideal students than they could have found if they looked locally. Tom Osborne spent his entire career playing the kids that had heart and were willing to work.

He also had one of the most open walk-on programs in the country. He leaves, Nebraska changes athletic directors later Bill Callahan all but closes the walk-on program and look where they are right now.

This has kind of turned into a rant but I wish college football would go back to what is what meant to be and be less about the media and money and more about building a quality program with quality individuals. You do that and the wins will come.


SEC dominates all conferences.

Enough said.


Haha, that was ridiculous!

But not as gutwrenching as this

A few years old, but will never be forgotten.


That ending was better. I got bored watching Trinity dick around after a minute. You can't top Cal-Stanford and BC-Miami.


I rank Boise St.-Oklahoma right up there now, too. Throw a pick 6 that should have lost the game and then come back with a hook and lateral and statue of liberty play. Unbelievable. Seriuosly, the hook and lateral NEVER works.


I most enjoy number 50 (or 58, can't tell) on Millsaps at the bottom of the screen, from 1:18-1:23. Either he died, or he's a complete pussy.


I do agree. It sickens me to see all of the tall, fast WRs who drop so many damn passes. I always thought that the fast guys with bad hands became DBs. I'd much rather have a guy who runs a 4.5 and can catch everything thrown to him (a la Marvin Harrison) than a guy who runs 4.3 and drops 50% of balls.



Vikings / Packers...MNF years back..."the impossible catch" by Freeman to win the game...perhaps some of you know what I'm referring to. As a Vikings fan, it devestated me at the time. But looking back years later, that play was freak'n awesome.