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Greatest Dumbbells Ever



make sure you read down the page for questions and answers....


i wish i had thunder and lighting :frowning:


i wish i had thunder and lighting, bro :frowning:


“Make her witness the thickness!!!”

I like that.


Funniest thing I think I have ever read!!


Greatest sales pitch evarrrrr!


[quote]Sindie wrote:
i wish i had thunder and lighting :([/quote]

thats what i affectionately call my thighs.

not really.

but it sounds neat-o. I may start.


Nice. I’m tempted to bid just because the guy deserves it… Resisting for now…


“After a few weeks of some sweet sweet loving with these badboys you will be able to breakout some sic 21 inch pythons and no cougar will be able to resist. Make her witness the thickness!!!”

ha…sweet loving.

I need to find me a cougar.


“There is some minor cosmetic scratching but the Mad awesomeness of these two is still gleaming as bright if not brighter than the day I first set my eyes on them”

Great stuff. Kid has a sense of humor.


Is that your add by any chance Gluteus? (or another mad kiwi ^^)


Hahaha. This is brilliant.


LMAO. FUnny shit. The bid is going up.


"Lol Definte cousin… Lightning and Thunder are guaranteed to increase judy chop damage by mad to the power of awesome! "

…by mad to the power of awesome…brilliant!


Q: “Does your mother know you have these in the house?”
A: “Sure does and so does yo mom!”



Shut up and bid, I really need the cash.