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Greatest Character in History of the Motion Picture?

Who do you T-fellas think is the greatest character in the history of motion picture? To decide which movie character is the greatest of all-time (not the greatest actor…the greatest movie character), the following criteria, along with other countless factors, must be taken into account: 1) Breakthrough role for actor 2) Great/Memorable dialogue 3)Great/Memorable scenes 4) Influence/Inspiration to other actors 5) “The actor wasn’t born to play the character, the character was born to play the actor” (in other words, you cannot imagine another actor playing the role).

#5 narrowed it down to one person…W.C. Fields.

Rocky. No question about it.

Arnold in Kindergarten cop, as Detective John Kimble. When he says he has a headache, and the kid tells him it’s a tumor. Arnold yells “It’s not a tumor!”

Allright, I came up with a tie here.

William Wallace played by Mel Gibson.
Tyler Durden played by Bradd Pitt.

Coincidentlly, my two favorite films are Braveheart and Fight Club.

Hmmm, tough one. In my opinion would have to be a toss up between Det Harry Calahan, or Jeff Spikoli.

Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast.” I think they tried to make him as ridiculous as humanly possible.

haha ghuston… "nobody spits like ghuston nobody talks like ghuston… etc

Tony Montana - Al Pacino

For #2 and #3…the scene in Glengarry Glenross when Alec Baldwins rips into the rest of the salesmen. For #5, Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness/Evil Dead series.

Paul Newman as Reg Dunlop in Slapshot. “You’d better keep an eye on your son or he’s gonna have a cock in his mouth before you can say Jack Robinson.” LMFAO!!

Clint Eastwood in any of the Spaghetti Westerns that he played in. That was an easy question.

Toss up: Clint Eastwood as Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway in Heartbreak Ridge or Sean Connery as Bond. An interesting side note, Connery was initially turned down for the role, until the casting guy saw him WALK to his car and decided that he was, in fact, born to play James Bond.

Tombstone: Doc Holliday is played by Val Kilmer. Most definitely one of the great all-time performances. He has so many one liners in that movie that he pretty much steals the show. My personal favorite is when he uses the cup to do the gunslinging routine. Classic!!!

General Maximus Decimus Meridus

Hannibal Lector

How about Han Solo from Star Wars? He fits every one of those things perfectly.


Dr Lector

Michael Corleone in all three Godfathers (especially the first two). Al Pacino has been my idol ever since the first Godfather was released.