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Greatest American Sports Moment of All Time


Just curious to hear about the memorable moments.


Lake Placid. 1980.



Thats the consensus, Im looking for maybe less well-known ones. Im a fan of Michael Johnson's double in the 200 and 400. 2 Golds, first to win both in one olympics. In my opinion one of the 2 greatest american sprinters of all time


Do you remember this?

"Oh my hamstring, I'm seriously not faking guise"


150m race isn't his jam. 200m, 400m. Mostly the 400m, since he still has the record if I remember correctly



^^^ He was a great athlete but the World's Fastest Man title belongs to the holder of the 100m record.


I didnt say World Fastest Man, Im just saying American Moments. And this has gotta be one. Even better prolly Jesse Owens at the Germany Olympics, cleaning up the Track Medals in front of Hitler and his Aryan Supremacy


Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV and XXIX.


I think you meant 1971 (VI), 1977 (XII), 1992 (XXVII), 1993 (XXVIII), 1995 (XXX)?


Rocky IV


Abby Wambach's header against Brazil. Quarterfinals in FIFA Women's World Cup. just happened today.


I KNOW what I meant.

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Ken Patera, the first American to C&J 500 lbs (1972).


All Dream Team games at Barcelona '92.

That line up was incredible.


I can't come up with the greatest moment, but I know it does not include women, soccer, or the combination of the two.


Phelps winning 8 golds was a big one though it was a series of moments. I'd say the US Men's 8+ (rowing) winning gold in 2004 was huge as well, though most people don't have a clue about it or the history related to it.


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Last Dallas Cowboys SB win, plus the previous 4 wins.

2005 UT national championship, Big reason I was with all my teenager kids and we stayed up and watched big parent highlight


and not b/c it was an amzing play, but b/c of all the BS that happened in the previous 60 mins and the huge BS that happened only a few mins before and the crowd going nuts

men's last summer Landon Donovan is up there too