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Greater Right-side Proportions

Alright, I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with me, but just the other day I was taking measurements all over my body to record progress (I’m 18 and am just beginning a training program), and all of my right-side body parts are larger/thicker. And yes, I am right-handed/footed/etc., but it still seems a little weird. The most noticable (visually) difference lies between my pecs: one, the right, is much more lean, large, and defined (just more “there” - I’m skinny) than the left. [It should be noted at this point that I also have had a slight left shoulder problem for quite some time now: just weak, really, compared to the right one; feels fragile and almost unsupported; I can feel/hear a pop when I raise my arm in Lateral Arm Raise-manner for things like delt training movements, etc., and it feels like the positioning has been changed after the pop occurs. This happens both on the “up” and the “down” of the movement. (And excessively heavy weights is not the problem, either: movements with no weights have the same effect.] So that’s that. Really just curious on the issue of left/right balance, but don’t want to injure myself by beginning training with an injured shoulder. Feedback most appreciated.


Humans are asymmetrical, by nature. you will always have a difference in measurements from one side to the other. HUGE differences are te ones to try to deal with.

the shoulder problem is a very likely culprit here. you may have favored the left side, and in turn the right side to up the slack, and got bigger/stronger.

if you have just started your first training routine in your life, give it some time... you may see some evening out occur. but the odds of being totaly symmetrical are exactly none. like I said, there will always be small differences, nothing to worry about there.

good luck with your program!

I think just about everyone is a lot stronger on one side before they start training. I was, all my friends were, and many others on this site have also said that they were. Try to use more dumbell movements than barbells. When using barbells, people sometimes compensate with the strong side and further the imbalance. When using dumbells you need to apply as much force on each side to lift the weights, promoting balance. Also, when doing single arm or leg movements, do the weak side first, and do as many or more reps with the weak side. Always remember that you need to train your weak areas more than your stronger areas, this will help you become more balanced.

Right on. I appreciate that reply man… Thanks.