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Great Workout!

I had a great workout today!
A great one!
One that really makes me feel like I’m headed in the right direction.
I was able to do everything I set out to do, and more.
And at the end of the workout, I wanted to die I was so exhausted.
I just thought I’d share my happiness with everyone.

Excellent, man. Next workout, shoot to get that same feeling. It really is contagious. And, um…wanna share what exactly you did? :wink:

Great! I would like to hear what exercises you did exactly. Also, what set/rep scheme you followed.

Some advice, just because your body feels energetic after your workout doesn’t mean you should drain it fully. Being drained shouldn’t be a something to aim for when working out. Complete all your exercises and sets/reps which should be enough to stimulate muscle growth. That extra energy you have could be used for other tasks in the day; used for your workout the next day.

I just don’t believe in draining your body fully even if you feel like you got more juice in you. That’s my opinion.

Keep the calories high and clean.

Good Luck