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Great Vid. (Oly Wrestler Training)


United States Olympic Education Center's Greco Roman Freestyle wrestling team training


fantastic video, the diesel crew have heaps of cool inspiring videos also !!




impressive, but i'm curious as to what they are doing with the kettlebells


Thats sweet... makes me want to train.


yea i just bought a video ipod, im gonna try to compile a couple videos to watch on there so i can have some pre-training inspiration.

(I wont be training with the ipod i have a much lighter mp3 player for that)


The ipod is too heavy for you huh? ,-)


How often do they do those hurdle jumps...does anyone know if it's sparsely..like in a phase of 4 weeks where they focus on shit like that (more explosive things, reactive)..or regularly?


watchu talkin about i used to strap a laptop to my leg LOL (kidding)