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Great Things Seen At the Gym


Ok ive noticed that a lot of threads have been about funny gym sites and bad form and just other negative things.

Ill go the oppisite and ask what are some great thing's u have seen in the gym? apart from the hottie on the treadmill with titties bouncing up and down :smiley:

Mine was the other day as i was walking past a squat rack and seen a kid no older than 15 doing heavy squats.He was about a buck 25 soaking wet with chicken legs and sparrow ankles but he was busting his gut :smiley:

So please tell some great gym stories.


King of Kings


Does it count if it happens right outside the gym?

Last week I saw a guy was getting a ticket because he parked his little red Miata in the handicap spot. Put a smile on my face as I was leaving. Although, it would have been more hilarious if it got tagged or towed.


Every Wednsday, there is this obese woman working with her trainer at the time I lift. She is obese, but probably 75lbs lighter than last year.

Makes me happy.


When I see people do that, no matter how they are training. Makes me smile and feel fuzzy inside, albeit on the fuzzy stuff.


I saw a big strong fella front squatting.

And not with girly weight.


For the past 6 months I've been posting some of the "Exercises You've Never Tried" from T-Nation up on one of the boards in my gym.

Everytime I see somebody give one of those exercises a shot, it makes me smile.


I agree. I like to see overweight people in the gym -- it is where they ought to be!


I think that's a great idea!!

There are some people that actually compete in my gym. They seem a bit more focused and self-motivated than the majority. They inspire me when they're training.

Some of the really big guys are super nice about helping whenever I ask. They will answer questions about exercises for various bodyparts and often help me with suggestions on form. They'll even say, "Good job" when I've had a great set!

There are a few really old guys at the gym that just keep on going. There is a lady that is probably only 2 feet tall and has to reach straight up to reach the handle on the treadmill. There is an overweight, middle age couple that always ride the bikes side by side. There are a couple of girls in wheelchairs. One works out alone and the other has an aide of some sort. I am so glad that they are all there and striving to improve themselves!

People are very sport specific at my gym. There is not alot of judging by who does what or who lifts how much. Everybody seems to know that Joe's training to ski, and Bill's traning for football, Kerri is a fitness competitor, Dan is a powerlifter, Jill is a rockclimber, Ed is a MMA fighter, and some folks just have a wonderful healthy habit and routine that makes 'em feel good, handle stress better, and make life enjoyable. You can be YOU and do what YOU need to do at my gym!

The staff is terrific, calls you by name, and remembers your number when they check you in at the desk.

Anybody at my gym will let you borrow a little chalk!!! I have to say, I think a gym is the greatest place in the world and I happen to think that MY gym is a pretty cool place to work out!

Thanks for this "feel good" thread!!! Just thinking about all the things I really like about the gym has made me happier today!


Tell her so, if you haven't. "I've noticed you're really coming along. Keep up the great work!"

There was a girl busting ass on an exercise bike the other month. Thanked her for the atmosphere of intensity and gave a "you got it, keep on keeping on" type thing.

Can't say too much about the bad behavior we see, but there's usually an opportunity to encourage the good.


In a Japanese public gym...a middle aged guy, weighing about 180 pounds, benching double his bodyweight. With perfect form. A woman, clearly an athlete or former athlete, doing rock-bottom OVERHEAD squats.
My girlfriend doing deadlifts and squats.


I saw a 60 year old man, part owner of the gym, go up and do about 12 pull ups cold. I was impressed! wish to be like that at that age..


I meant chins..


As a trainer, I get all fired up when one of my middle-aged women lets a curse word fly after they miss their goal reps on a set.

It lets me know that they are focusing on the right things...getting stronger, not leaner.

Lots of good posts so far,


Older guy, arm in a sling (he'd dislocated his shoulder) on the stationary bike, giving it what for.

"I'm nearly glad it happened...I'd been neglecting my cardio!"


Back a few yrs. ago at a gym I use to belong to there was this cool guy who was always helping my dad & I out with our big lifts. He was totally natural, against taking anything at all! He maybe took a multi. He benched 405 & declined 425. He was a total badass.

I got him on video too. He was 5'7'' 164 lbs. Very lean, massive with huge amounts of muscle on him. Total badass all the way. His name was Bill Weigel of Boca Raton. Bill, wtf are you??!! That was back in 97' 98'.

My dad & I had a nickname for him, we called him "Strong Bill". He loved it! Ahhhh. the good days!


i've heard tell of these things happening in japanese public gyms. but after 2 years in these gyms, i've yet to see anything that inspiring.

in the MMA/BJJ gyms though, i've seen guys trying to die they were training so hard. they would just give their all, that was inspiring, seeing someone give up everything in their life (school, a "normal" job) to be a pro fighter. no job security, no going back to the "normal" life. most japanese companies won't hire a guy with califlower ears who finished univeristy 4 years after everyone else, because they're "dangerous" and too old (26 years old instead of the usual 22). training with them was/is cool, makes you stop f-ing around and get to work.


This somewhat short, tanned chick with headphones on is one of the most intense people in the gym. She doesn't chat, she doesn't waste any time standing around. BUT... She does do floor presses.

That's hot.


The biggest guy in my gym, must be about 40-45 but stacked (powerlifter) coming up everytime he sees me and saying Hi.

My 103lb G/F squating 120 for 5 reps and having worked up to that weight from 45(she was testing her 5 rep max) and saying next week she'll do 130.

Seeing the guy with the biggest ego in the gym drop a weight he could never handle on his chest before his spotter even knew what happened (he was fine though which is what made it funny).

Deadlifting and getting looks from the BBs wondering why I do that.


A guy that is into his 50's that competes, and has a physique that most 20 year olds only dream of.


This is a great thread. I haven't been in a pubic gym in ages but from the other threads, I was getting the picture that they were all full of numbnuts.

I hope everyone takes note that the best things people are seeing, are other people doing their best, and being courteous and friendly ... and I hope everyone goes out and is also courteous, friendly and helpful also.

If people want bodybuilding / weightlifting to get a good public image, that is the way to go about it.