Great things about Grow!!

Please allow me to humbly thank T-mag for my introduction to “Grow!” To be honest, I was one of those people who probabally would have never tried it…but when I won it in the last tip contest, I thought “hey, couldn’t hurt to try,” Right?

  --Well, that being said--

1)“Grow!” kicks butt, man. It came when I was in betweed protein drinks so the timing was perfect…and it arrived on the next business day. Awesome, guys…

2)When I first opened it, the aroma was AMAZING. I got the chocolate flavor…man, it smelled SOoOoOOoo good…let me tell you.

3)It is by FAR the best tasting protein mix I’ve ever tried. And man, it’s such a fine powder that it mixes incredibly with water…awesome guys.
Well, I just wanted to thank T-mag for it and to say that you have a customer for life…


Peace out

P.S. I still don’t think that some average-Joe-type like me deserved it, but…who am I to complain?..maybe I’m Irish somewhere in my genes?

P.P.S. I’m going try SURGE when I order…but I’m just waiting for the Red Kat to come in so I can try that too…anyone know when it’s expected in?

Good training and health to all…


You are obviously a dirty shill paid by Biotest! Probably a T-mag writer using a fake name! EEEEVIL EEEEVIL!

Oh wait…I mean, thanks for the feedback!


disclaimer: I am not an actor…I just play one on TV…

Now, that being said…

(reading from script with gun pointed to my head…)

"I am fully aware of my actions on T-mag and I do not condone nor approve of my decisions…Nor am I paid by Biotest nor T-mag to read a script screaming the praises of any product…I’m just an average person who felt it appropriate to give a testimonial…aiding me in my insurgence are…Arnold Schwartzenegger (Governor of California…geez, I still cannot believe that one…=) ), Jet Li, uhhhh…I CAN’T DO THIS ANY… (BANG!!!))…

…Better??? =P

Jeez, try to say something nice and look what happens…=P


I got mine the next day after ordering.a friend of
mine came over to my house after we were at the gym. I made him a shake he said he did"nt know
grow was sooooooo good. He order some right

ATTN: Chris Shugart

I am applying for the position of Biotest shill. You can pay me in Biotest supplements. (One of each a week sounds about right.)

And Low Carb Grow blended with cottage cheese tastes just like cheesecake.

(Blending it is kind of a pain in the ass though.)

When you say blended, do you mean in a blender? Or just mixed up with a spoon?

1/2 cup thick steel milled cooked oats + 1 scoop LC Chocolate Grow! tastes like soggy Cocoa puffs.

Good things about Grow! ?
It is damn tasty. Oh and it is dirt cheep now. BrandX Whey Concentrate is more expensive now.

I used a blender. I ran it until it was smooth. Few chunks. I had to keep using a spoon to push the stuff down, and it did warm up because the blender was working so hard.

I should mention I have a cheap blender. I believe a food processor would have worked better, or a more expensive blender.