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Great That Your Here!

Great that your here! You have guided me to my ideal program in the Charliefrancis forum and I thank you, now just two questions. One how exactly does the nervous system work? Is it more like a interconnected thing that can be fully stimulated with high CNS stressing exercise? (ie a sprinter performs a few sets of bench press at 90% in order to stimulate the CNS without stressing leg muscles?). And two could the split I put the charliefrancis forum(im numba) be split up into a three day split with 5x1 rep scheme for all exercises using 30 sec rests between sets in order to save time, with 4 exercises a day, 2 min between sets. I also think this would work because of all exercises being used are multi jointed ones. Thanks again.

Books of more than 500 pages have been written on the CNS … and you want me to describe its functioning to you in a short paragraph … talk about a tall order!!!

Honestly we don’t know exactly how the CNS works. One thing that I can tell you is that the CNS plan and send the motor command for the vast majority of the voluntary actions of our body. The more complex an action is, the greater will be the role of the CNS.

When it comes to muscle action the importance of the CNS implication increases when the need for intra and intermuscular coordination increases. Intramuscular coordination is a very important factor when maximum muscle tension is required (tension being related to force, intramuscular coordination is maximal when lifting big weights, moderate weights rapidly and light weights explosively).

Intermuscular coordination is important in actions requiring a complex interaction of several muscle groups. Sprinting is a great example because the coordination pattern is very complex AND maximal tension must be produced. So sprinting at maximal speed is actually one of the most CNS-draining activity there is.

Thanks for the reply, that clears things up for me not completely, but i get a much better picture of CNS function. Last question, i promise. Would performing energy system work in the morning(9 hrs before speed and weight training work) be ok or would this have a large effect on speed and weight training?

I would never do energy system work on the same day as sprinting. However before a workout emphasizing the upper body it’s doable provided that adequate post-workout nutrition is used after the ESW session. However I would always advise to err on the side of being more careful. Only do both on the same day if you don’t have a choice.