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Great Technique Analysis Site


Thought you'd all dig this site,


Great fucking article on how to effectively pull off high kicks with video:


Excellent readers list:


It must be white-boy day-
I feel so good seeing you.


thanks for the links my friend


wow these are sick im loving the southpaw articles


Good stuff Xen...I caught wind of that sight a few weeks back. The "cross counter" and hand trapping/fighting has been put to use lately..


Awesome sight Xen




I would like this to be stickied at the top of the forum. This site is one of the finest I've seen yet on striking and it's a great place to refer guys looking for advice.



He returns bearing gifts.

Thank you for the link.

Hope Sparticus is living up to your expectations.


Robert A


That site is fantastic thanks


Agreed. What up Irish? How ya been bro. PM'me homie.


Wow. Great site. Thanks for sharing.


Hey guys, I'm Jack.

I'm the owner and author of Fights Gone By and just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words! Turns out this has been a good contributor of the traffic to my blog so I wanted to stop in and say hi!

I will make sure to post when I have new articles up, and wanted to cheekily plug my upcoming book :wink:

I also write lots at HeadKickLegend.com which is worth checking out for fight fans, I do lots of breakdowns of the techniques of notable fighters such as Igor Vovchanchyn.

Once again, massive thanks for all the kind words and your support!


The man has spoken.

Great stuff Jack. For a grappler like myself, your articles really open up my eyes and give me a new appreciation for the standup game.

Keep up the good work sir.


an honor to have you post! thank YOU for the great site, it's been a tremendous resource! I didn't even realize that it was the same guy writing for HeadKickLegend hah. I really enjoyed Wyman's article on Jose Aldo. Again thanks for stopping by, keep us posted!


Jack - thank you for the site. It's terrific and much appreciated.

I'm glad this forum could help you out.


This site fucking owns hard

Glad someone finally acknowledged that real angles are not actually used that often in boxing, despite how often commentators refer to it.


Hey guys,
I just started a new piece called "Jack Slack's Troubleshooting", and would love to hear from any of you with problems in your sparring! Obviously, I'm not claiming to be a great coach, but I like approaching people's problems with research and experience.

You can find the first edition here:



Thanks Jack, and thank you Xen for the find. I was looking for something like this.


Reading the book now. Good stuff. Shame you couldn't use gifs and stock photos like you usually do, but you compensate quite well with the models.

It's an excellent read thus far (read RJJ, Reem, Fedor, Joe Lious, SRR).

Quite worth it at 15 bucks.


Thanks rundymc!

Was just about to hop on here and advertise it :wink:

Haven't got too much feedback yet, so have been searching out all I can get.