Great Summer Cycle, Not Much Bloating

This is my summer cycle tell me what you think and I totally believe in constructive criticism.

sust 250ml e3d 1-12
EQ 400ml ew 1-12
Dbol 10ml ed 1-10
clomid 25mg ed 1-12
HCG 2000 iu wk 4,8,11,14
adex .25ml ed 12-14
clomid 50mg ed 12-14

DBol dosage is too low. Should be 40mg ED, weeks 1-4.

Adex can be run throughout, depending on estrogen related sides.

Where’s your stasis/taper? Are you relying on clomid only for PCT?

sus EOD instead os E3D
Adex E3D instead of ED
Dbol run for 3-4 weeks max at 50mg ED

Consider taper (although tapering on sus is not ideal) or novladex to end cycle instead of clomid.

Also PCT would start at week 14 through till week 18, if novladex use 40mg ED for 2 weeks then drop to 20mg Ed for last 2 weeks


Also I really hope you mean Mg and not Ml :slight_smile:

i agree with everyone here so far, up the dbol and shoot eq 2x week.

[quote]mobrallica wrote:
This is my summer cycle tell me what you think and I totally believe in constructive criticism.

clomid 25mg ed 1-12

adex .25ml ed 12-14

Clomid every day, throughout your cycle?

As for adex…

vets, what’s the difference running it 0.25mg ED compared to 0.50mg EOD?

The half life of adex is supposed to be between 2-3 days. Hence EOD is an acceptable frequency, as is E3D if you put the half life at 3 days and want to keep the dosage low. A lot of guys will run .25mg E3D. Thats a pretty reasonable compromise between max gains and minimal estrogen sides.

To the OP:
Forget the Clomid, lose it
You need two more weeks of Test than EQ unless you do the imfamous test taper you could maybe get away with one but the point remains the same that the duration of the two should not be identical.
If you choose to use adex use it on cycle. 250mg E3D of Sust, you probably won’t need it though. .25mg E3D should be sufficient unless you are extraordinarily estrogen sensitive.
Dbol should be at least 20mg a day to truly feel it, more is better until you get to about 40-50mg. 40mg a day is a very nice level for a first cycle.

[quote]kroby wrote:
mobrallica wrote:

Clomid every day, throughout your cycle?


I did not even notice that, I swear he edited that in after. Or probably just me not reading things properlly again.

Yeah dude no need for chlomid during cycle.

If one of your goals is not much bloating I would run 25mgs d-bol ed

10 mgs a day is too little 50mgs a day too much. IMHO

fair point there. 40-50mg ED is going to be more bloatful [if that’s a word] than 25mg. Bloating is a very personal thing some of us bloat more than others. I’m personally ok with 50mg ED, but then again I have no concern about abs and cuts either

You’re gonna bloat up a bit on cycle, like tren says some more than others, but if you come off your cycle properly and keep your gains, your bloat will recede and leave you with an improved physique for the summer.