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Great Study: T Effect on Increasing Hgb, Hct, RBC, & Lowering Ferritin Without Affecting Iron


Damn that hurt my brain. However after google all these terms I see what there getting after and found. Very interesting.

Sounds like if e2 rises so does RBC and HMCT. So one way to keep your HMCT lower is by keeping e2 in check , but after 3 months it stops peaking. So that means the t isn’t the cause, it’s the aromatization that does it. So if someone tends to have a body that manages e2 well; then they will have less issues with their blood.Am I right?

I need to research DHT. No clue what that is good or bad for.

Actually what they found was the opposite. Oestrogen doesn’t seem to have an affect on raising red blood counts or hematocrit. Because red blood cells and haematocrit also went up high in the group that was treated with anti-estrogen’s. So lowering DHT by 65% didn’t affect the rise in RBCs and hematocrit, as they still went up. The rise in red blood cells, and hematocrit, seems to be individually linked to total and free testosterone, and although Sheraton ferritin gets knocked down up to 32 or 35%, it does not affect blood iron levels. Very strange.

Wow I sure did misread that. So glad I asked . That is odd… simple as it was before I read this. However I’m surprised about the dht and e2. Maybe one day they’ll have a lock on hormones like they do dna. Imagine what that will be like… age of super humans… smart happy strong level minded folks. Haha…