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Great Steroid Column


This steroid article is from Lance Storm, a former "professional" wrestler. Its extremely well written and down to earth by an intelligent man. You may not agree with everything the man has to say but for the most part everything he wrote is spot on. Give it a look, its a good read.


P.S. I posted on the Off Topic lounge, rather than steroid one because I wanted everyone to see it.


Good article. Honesty is refreshing.

It's also interesting to see his photo on his biography page, as an example of what's attainable thru hard work, without steroids.



sounds like more 'save the children' hysteria to me...I just don't buy this crappy argument...I don't see the government rushing to ban alcohol for absolutely everyone to 'save the children'...

furthermore, it is entirely possible for an adult athlete to use safe and sane dosages to enchance athletic performance without harmfull side effects...

the idea that someone taking intelligent amounts of AAS is going to have horrible and irreversable health problems is nonsense...that's like saying anyone who takes 200 grams of protein a day will be guaranteed to get kidney damage...

so why should an adult be not allowed to use? if they're an adult it should be their business...

just like alcohol...AAS should be illegal to anyone under the age of 21...but adults should be able to choose for themselves.


Lance Storm is entitled to his opinions and stance on steroids, but, really, he is a dumbass.

He was a professional WRESTLER. This is not even a real sport! I laughed when I read his sentence mentioning Pro Wrestling in the same vein as the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. In those sports, while steroid use is common, it is against the rules; it is cheating. But Pro Wrestling? It's a show, it's entertainment. The fans want to see massive veiny freaks like Batista etc, not Lance Storm, who while in good shape, has a physique like me and probably half of the people on T-Mag.

Maybe if he had taken some gear he would still be on Vince McMahon's payroll, and not unemployed.


How misinformed some people can be.....

Professional "wrestling" may be all show but let me ask you this.....why is it that they cannot get medical or life insurance where as MLB & NBA players can? Maybe its the fact that their bodies take an absolute pounding each time they enter the ring? Maybe its the fact that they wrestle 200+ dates a year going through the same stress on their bodies every day.?

Lance wasn't let go by the WWE. He left. He choose to NOT resign with the WWE. He wanted to persue other goals in life such as starting up his own wrestling school. So before you choose to make a half-assed assumed comment like that, either research it or don't make it at all if you have no clue what you are talking about.


"As sad as this sounds, believe me when I tell you, with the possible exception of pro-golf virtually every professional sport out there and most of the amateur ones have athletes on steroids competing in them. If being faster or stronger or bigger is a good thing, people will be taking steroids. There are athletes on steroids in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Pro-Wrestling, Pro-Body Building, Pro-Boxing, The Olympics, you name it."

tell me how that paragraph illustrates pro wrestling in the same light as the other sports mentioned...BESIDES the fact that it states some athletes in each of those respective sports are on steroids. the key focus of the statement being the ATHLETES. everyone knows wrestling is entertainment first and foremost...but in no way are wrestlers lesser athletes or have less physical demands placed on them than any athlete in the big four of professional sports.


Wrestlers are athletes and may train very hard and place quite a toll on their bodies. But it's not a sport to me because the outcome is usually decided before the event starts.


I think it's an interesting article, though.


I understand the pounding they take. In fact, it's another reason why he probably should have taken roids.

Lance Storm was never more than a bit player in the WWE. He made up the numbers. Probably he thinks his wrestling school will be a better life for him than being the 90th wrestler out of 100 in the WWE.


The goverment needs a scapegoat and they found one in steroid controversy. They do not care about a drug that about 5% of the world uses if thats even close, they care about the controversy and distracting effect it takes on the oil in iraq, or war i think there calling it now...

If america wanted to stop this, they would stop cigarette smoking. They say ohh no, kids are starting to take steroids!! Kids have been taking cigarettes since before the word steroid was even used, i dont see congress holding emergency meetings during wartime to talk about that.

It all comes down to money and politics.