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Great Site! First Question


Thanks to all for such a great resource for people, like me, who have been lifting weights the wrong way for years.

Looking for a little help here. Just finished my fourth week on the Waterbury Method. I've been lifting on and off for a couple years, but never really committed myself until now. I first did some basic routines to strengthen up before the WM. I have followed the plan as directed and have enjoyed amazing strength gains every week, every excercise.

What I am seeing is great strength, but I don't really look any different. Even my wife said she can't believe how much I'm lifting after four weeks, and wonders why it doesn't show. My muscle are harder, especially the large groups, but not bigger at all.

I eat 6 meals a day, totaling about 3000-3400 per day. Great proteins, fruits, veggies, oatmeal, and some good fats. I haven't really lost any body fat, so I'm guessing I'm not in a deficit situation.

A year ago I used a basic 3 day split, working each group once per week, using a 3x10 scheme, and going to failure on the last set. My strength gains after a month of that were not even close to what they have been with the W. Method, however, I did see some some hypertrophy results after four weeks. My chest/shoulders looked strong and my arms looked like I was working out.

So...is it possible that some lifters simply need more time for their muscles to grow between trainings? I read where Chad said he never met a person who didn't totally recover in 48 hours. I prefer Chad's routines, and would like to continue on to his Total Body Training program. I love this new strength, but would like to have something to show for it.

Am i missing something here? Sorry for the long post. Thanks


Great you are getting stronger...

If you wish bigger then you need to use a different method of training or at least cycle your training methods...

Strength and size are not always exclusive...

Many power-lifters are not what you would call muscled gods of health if you looked at them and so with the bodybuilder if you knew the real person and what he did to get that look...

I would use what you like and then look to cut some fat and wa la you "look" more muscled. your wife will dig it and people at the gym will start asking you for your secrets...

Like in hollywood the action film actors don't really get much larger in muscles but cut down on fat...



Wow thanks. So is it safe to say if I'm getting stronger consistently, then I'm probably doing something right, and not training each muscle too often?

Thanks again! I also forgot to advise I'm pretty skinny yet chunky.


Yea keep going with the program. Your strength gains are increasing which is good. Even if you don't gain too much size while continuing this program you'll be gaining strength. Then if you move to more of a hypertrophy based program youll have more strength and will gain muscle quicker because you'll be lifting more. Make sure your getting enough calories. Muscles are made in the kitchen.


It's only been four weeks, it doesn't happen overnight. The strength increase is a good sign, you will generally get stronger before you get bigger when first starting out due to the CNS response, so don't get discouraged. Keep eating a lot, and lifting heavy weights consistently and you should see some gains in size in a few more weeks. Just stick to the plan and be consistent. Consistency is key.


Thanks for the input everyone. I'm just gonna keep getting stronger. I guess sooner or later I gotta grow? Maybe the Total Body Training will be what I need in a couple weeks.


Four weeks is a drop in the bucket.

Higher-rep work often makes you look bigger because you're basically walking around with a pump all the time. You sound like you've got everything in order - just stick with it.


Thanks SGDerek,

I knew something was up. I feel stronger and more fit after a month of this, compared to the split. I'm also sweating my ass off during the workout and like an hour afterwards. My appetite is crazy as well. Must be a good sign.