Great Set of Videos from Tommy Kono Presentation

Great instructional series (I don’t feel like posting all 6 videos)

Great post. Lots of old school advice and detailed analysis of the lifts (mainly snatch from what I could gather).

You generally don’t get this much detail in a typical 10 min. tutorial video (probably cuz this series is almost an hour long).

good stuff

I love it when we can get this kind of near thorough information on weightlifting!

After watching the videos, I noticed that there are two points that I’d like to point out. First is the “high” hip starting position that he advocates, but I think I don’t want to comment on that. The second is that, according to him, weightlifters should extend almost straight up, not bending/curving backwards. This last point makes me somewhat confused because I saw several great lifters bend/curve backwards around the top of the full extension, for example:

It’s true that the amount of the curve varies among lifters, with some seem to be almost straight (but the torso always leans back a bit). Also when emphasizing “head lead”, I found that my body tends to bend/curve more, with a significant speed and hip extension (speed) gain. I know that it’s probably because the spine always follows the head.

I was wondering about that, as everything is smoother for me if I focus on starting more upright.

Also with Tommy’s emphasis on letting the lats stretch/flare out in the starting position, it sure looked like Taner there had his scapula retracted before he started his pull and kept them that way. Any thoughts?

Thanks, great post.