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Great Protein Pancakes


Just recently tried a recipe I found here for pancakes (tweaked a little based on what I had available)

Came up with:

40g Low-Carb Grow!
1 cup of oatmeal
6 egg whites
1/2 cup of low fat natural yoghurt
a little splenda & cinnamon

Total: 623 kcals 63 protein 71 carbs 9 fat.

These taste so amazing I'm struggling to believe they're actually good for me. Seriously, is there anything wrong with this?

Is the yoghurt ok or would it be much better with cottage cheese? How does this affect the taste?

Also if I'm going to start making these regularly, I'd like to start buying cartons of egg whites. I've looked but had no luck - anyone know where I can find them in Australia?


egg white cartons are SO MUCH more expensive than just regular eggwhites... MAYBE if you buy the expensive free range eggs you might break even, but if that is your concern the eggwhite cartons arent free range.


Sounds like a good recipe, i have seen one place that sells egg white in liquid form from WA.



Ive been making something similar lately except another protein powder and low carb milk instead of yogurt. Im amazed how good they taste. I might try them with yogurt next time.


I dont know about the yogurt, but i do basically the same thing with cottage cheese. If you use enough you dont even need protein powder, and they come out really creamy and rich.


John Berardi's famous protein pancakes

1 cup of whole wheat pancake mix
2 scoops of Grow! or Vanilla whey protein
3/4 cup of lowfat cottage cheese
3 egg whites
3 tbs of flaxseeds
1/4 cup of water

520 calories
50 g of protein
60 g of carbs
2 g fiber
9 g of fat


what do you guys think of the following recipe. 1 cup of whole wheat pancake mix 40grams of protein powder 3 egg whites 1/4 cup of water.

any idea how these will comeout. I dont like cottage cheese. and dont understand what the yogurt is for. I am currently bulking and looking for a way to increase my carbs and calorie intake. any suggestions would be appreciated.


I only used the yoghurt because I didn't have any cottage cheese at the time. I've since tried them with cottage cheese and they turned out fine. I don't like the stuff either but you can't taste it in the pancakes at all.


I have a good variation that I think I got off of Muscle Media years back that I really like.

Basically it's the same as MookJong's recipe only I use cottage cheese in place of yogurt, and I add sugar-free strawberry preserves...I think it's two tablespoons if I remember right. One of my all-time favorite recipes and is great for either breakfast or post-workout.


There isnt anything wrong with spooning out the yolks is there? (serious questionlol)


I'm gonna have to try these.Pancakes are my favorite food.There is nothing better to me than eating a bunch of pancakes with strawberries on top after working out hard on a sunday morning.Call me gay or whatever yall want,but pancakes to me are better than sex,lol.When I was bulking I must of cooked them every morning.They're a great muscle food in my opinion.


Over the last couple of weeks, ive perfected my oatmeal pancakes. I even let a fat buddy of mine taste them, who loathes anything healthy, and he couldnt tell the difference between them and regular pancakes.


1 serving oatmeal ground up into a fine powder.

1 whole egg

about half a cup of milk (i use hood low carb)

splenda & cinnamon

Wisk the egg until a bit frothy then add the milk, splenda and cinnamon and continue to wisk a bit until mixed. Slowly fold in oatmeal (dont just dump it in and mix it. It will come out much tougher,) until dry oatmeal is completely incorporated. Refrigerate for a few min (im not sure if this step is necessary, but it thickens the mixture a bit and seems to be working for me.) On medium/high heat, fry in pam for a couple of minutes a side. In place of butter, I use a tbsp of fat free Cool Whip and finally top it off with Cary's sugar free syrup.Ive recently stopped including protein powder because it makes them too dense. I rather just down a quick shake rather than ruin the pancakes.


There is actually a tool designed for this. It is basically a spoon with wholes cut in it to let the egg white slide out and the yolk to stay in place.


You guys have to try this! Even if you're on a diet this will give you a bunch of great tasting pancakes....even when cutting.I'm not just gonna put some recepie on here if I haven't tried it.I tried this and the others on here.I can tell you,this is the best tasting one so far.This is what I used:

One scoop whey(chocolate)

1/2 cup all natural pancake mix(the processed kind has trans fat in it)

3 egg whites

1/2 cup of water(don't put in too much water) and some cinn.

Mix in blender on "slow".Sometimes the powder gets stuck on the side of the blender,so be sure to take a spoon and knock it back into the mix if that happens. Spray some pam onto the pan.Cook.Enjoy.

Chocolate protein pancakes: 361 calories,44 carbs,38 grams of protein,2.5 grams of fat,and has under 4 grams of sugar.The carbs are from fiber,not white flour or sugar.The sugar free syrup I use only adds 25 calories per serving,so thats really 386 calories and only adds one carb ,that being 45 carbs.

I couldn't even believe how many pancakes I was able to make.I made like 8 or 10 of them and I had under 400 calories! I'm cutting right now and I can tell you I felt like I was cheating.The whey I used was Chocolate whey.These are chocolate protein pancakes.If you're not cutting,just add in milk and another scoop of whey and you'll have about 70 grams of protein,636 calories,4 grams of fat,and 62 carbs.They tasted so much better than the normal kind.I can't even believe how easy they where to make too!
Enjoy guys,Poe.


That is a great recipe except it leaves out what is in my opinion an essential ingredient: thinly sliced apple. 1/2 of a large apple is fine, or an entire small apple.

It adds incredible moisture and crunch to the pancake. I'm drooling about it now as I'm on the Anabolic Diet and only 30 grams/day of CHO are allowed until carb up days.

Maybe I can find a substitute for the oatmeal...


Still can't find any cartons off eggwhites in my part of Australia (Sydney) so I guess I'll keep removing the yolks.

It's not the hassle I object to - easily done by scooping it out with a spoon - it's wasting so many useful yolks.

Any suggestions how many yolks I could keep in the mix and not mess up either the macro ratios or the taste? I'm guessing somewhere between 0 and 2.

Also .. any suggestions what I can use the rest of the yolks for if I save them for a P+F meal later in the day?


By the way,whould you guys say yogurt or cottage cheese tastes better in the protein pancakes?


What do you guys put on your pancakes instead of butter and maple syrup?


Not a lot of difference. The cottage cheese basically vanishes, I couldn't taste it at all. The yoghurt flavour seemed to come through a tiny bit, giving it a subtle kick.