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GREAT Post-workout snack

Ok I’m just wondering if this is as good as I think it is. Super Pretzels. 79g’s of carbs and 12g’s of proteins in ONE pretzel. Would this be considered one of the optimal post-workout snacks?


Stay away from processed stuff like pretzles.

Better read those "solving the post workout puzzle articles’ at t-mag.

Beware of people who give you an idea of nutrition that implies that you need hight tech supplements just avoid being a fat ass. I mean do people really think the body is so stupid that it can’t build muscle using pretzels and burgers?

whats wrong with the carbs and protein in the pretzels?

Well,they say it’s better if liquit postworkout but like colin said,the body just does what it does.

Anyway,when my mom took away my whey protein and dextrose for a week,I had this for postworkout…just for 1 day mind u…

1 pop tart
2 cups milk


speaking of stupid…

With some whey hydrosylates in water it wouldn’t be too bad. Highly processed carbs have a high GI and II so your super pretzel would be ok if you really like them. Personally if I was going to stray from glucose/malto as my postworkout carb source I would go jellybeans or donuts. Just make sure you take the whey with the pretzel!!

i didn’t mean post-workout as in right after. everyone knows Surge is for that… my bad for not clarifying.

yeah, its fine. before you people freek tell me if you REALY think it will make any difference in the long term if he does use the pretzels? and why you think so, not just “read this…” but WHY YOU THINK SO. peace

“Not all of us are blessed with physical advantages, great genetics, optimal recovery, youth, ideal metabolisms, perfect lifestyles ‘n’ such.” This is a quote T-Rev made to an earlier post, and it holds true here. There are guys in the gym that smoke, eat like crap, and mostly work the “show” muscles (chest, biceps, etc.) who have physiques I would DIE for. Post workout nutrition for them is to go out for Pizza and beer…Sure…that one Pretzel probably makes no difference whatsoever. But when I see people making no progress in their programs, it’s usually because of a lackadsical approach OFTEN to diet, and to their workouts. So you end up with a CUMULATIVE effect of a lot of little “pretzels” sabotaging your whole program. What’s the saying “…the devil is in the details…” or something like that. And that’s ESPECIALLY true for those of us who struggle with our bodies every day…

not enough protein, need a better ratio. laters pk

Fire back a pretzel and some sort of high protein goody and you got a good over all snack. I personally like Twinkys and try to find a way to fit them in (pre workout with a nice coffee). One really good thing I once read in the old MM2K magazine was about making “better bad choices”. I think if you stick to this you can have tastey food all the time and do well. Just eat less and get the good stuff in.

I eat basically and only the foods that “make you look good nekid” but you all know how redundant that is right? I don’t by any means base my whole muscle building regime around eating pretzels, don’t get me wrong.

wow colin you truly are a nutrion guru. coffee and twinkies? personally i try to fit reese peanut buter cups into my postworkut regimein