Great Paper Showing How Little Test Is Needed

An average of 4mg a day produces levels in the bottom-normal and 8mg a day produced levels at top-normal range and there was no difference in libido and sexual function. This tracks well with my own experience taking 60mg a week cypionate as that is on average 6mg a day and keeps my average level in the 500s.


Tagging @tareload because he’s kind of an expert here.

The article mentions Serum T levels, but i believe this is in relation to Total Test, not Free Test… most low T symptom relief comes with an increase in free test, as TT is an incomplete picture. Would be interested to know what their tested free testosterone levels were for this study.

BTW, 13mg/day for me has done plenty and I’d be willing to bet halving this dose would still net most symptom relief.

125mg per week of any Ester puts me in supra psychological range, that i do know


Same here. I am considering trying just 100mg. I imagine by T/P will be 750/1000ng

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That’d be the case if the world was this black and white

Not everyone metabolises testosterone equitably.

However 75-100mg/wk is probably good enough for at least 80% of the population


CV health, bone health… longevity is what i want to see reported on. Not libido as a guage for wahtever this dose works.

Well good for you. Go find your report.

This one was about libido.


I still say E2 is the deciding factor as to how much you can get away with if you are into TOT. I can do 160mg and get a lot of benefits but I have to take minimum 0.125mg arimidex per week. Blood work incoming after taking weekly AI for quite some time now.

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Something your kind is very dishonest about as you shove studies on ridiculous AI dosing of 1mg or more per day that doesn’t even involve TRT and men. See! See! The more E2 the better!

sorry never responded. Tareload took vacation when readalot got his account back. Given feedback I have recently received I will probably be posting a lot less on here. Given the time, analysis and information provided over the years it is probably time to scale back. To give what I have given and then be accused of a troll and fraud if I don’t post physique pictures…just floors me. BE careful posting pics guys.

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You have to really dig to get the full text to see the whole story here, and they are missing a couple items related to libido.

Estradiol and prolactin weren’t checked in either group. We know aromatization in the brain is thought to stimulate libido, so weird they wouldn’t check that. Prolactin I’m just always curious to see.

FT (by ED) was vastly different in the two groups. 700+nmol in the higher dose group. I’m not sure what that translates to in ng/dL, but it’s pretty high, right?

They didn’t actually get 4mg and 8mg daily, they got 1 injection of some micro-capsule T in dextran solution (??) that was 240mg or 480mg and equaled the release of 4mg and 8mg respectively. They did not measure a peak or trough.

Just some curious details, before guys start dropping their TRT doses thinking less is more.


My libido on 200mg is that of an 18 year old while my libido on 100mg was not even close. For me at least, libido was one of the things that took the longest to sort itself out after a dosage change.

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Similar for me. Ran 250mg test-e for 3 years and the libido was sky high. Now running 100mg Sustanon and it’s nothing compared, but still alright. Although pre TRT it wasn’t bad as well fwiw.