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Great News!

Hey guys. I got some really cool news.

We all know how hard work and perserverance pays off in the gym. If you stick to it long enough you’ll see results to be proud of.

Well I’ve been working in the warehouse of a chemical plant for six years now. I started as the know nothing pee-on. Through the years I refined the job to a “finely tuned machine”. Everything works as smoove as silk.

Well, I started to feel unchallenged about a year ago. Six years same old gets boring. Last month my boss gave his notice, quitting. He was the Plant Supervisor, in charge of the entire facility.

Well I wasn’t about to let this baby slide by. I applied for the job, updated my resume, went through the rigorous testing and interviewing. Beat out 4 other candidates and won the job!!

So I’m pretty excited right about now.

I’ll tell you what though: without the confidence that comes from training I never would’ve got the job.

And without T-mag I wouldn’t be able to train worth a crap.

So thanks T-Mag and T-folks for the drive to do better.



Way to go BillyBoy. It sounds like 2004 is going to be ‘your’ year.

Congrats man! That’s awesome.

Way to go, man! It’s always good to hear about someone improving many areas of their life, and not just focusing on one part.

good news bro! these wouldnt happen to be bodybuilding chemicals would they???


This could not happen to a nicer T-man! Congratulations, from the bottom of my heart!

You deserve it, man!

Congratulations. It sounds like a great challenge.

Thanks guys! It will definetley be a challenge. But you gotta keep moving, right?

There’s a lot to learn. It’s less physical, so I’m thinking I might even be able to put on some muscle. More recovery, you know.

Sorry P-DOG. You don’t want to take these chemicals. Wouldn’t be pretty.



Congrats to you Billy Boy.