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Great News! Well, for me.

I just received word that I’m finally getting my hernias operated on December 18th!!!
It’s only been over a year for my surgery date.
Anyone have any idea how long 'till 100% recovery is supposed to occur?
I’m thrilled that I’ll be actually able to have a good sets of wheels in a couple of months!!!


good for you, being healthy you take about 2-3 months to heal and there will be alot of pain first 3-6 weeks and no
lifting!! none nada, maybe 5 lbs at the most. hope surgery goes well and your recovery as well.

Sweet RAGINGHULK. After you get better we’ll get together for a lift session and you can show me how to lift REALLY heavy things! :slight_smile:
I can’t wait!

I hope everything goes well.

Thanks a ton guys. It’ll be a tough ride for the next while but I’m convinced that I’m going to be bigger and stronger than I have.
Steele - We’ll definately need to have some serious deadlift and squatting sessions once I get back on the comeback trail. i’m hoping to pull 600+ by the end of 2004. We’ll see though!

See ya at Popeyes soon bro.


Good luck.

Good luck and get well raging.
I have a friend that has a herniated disc in lumbar area(not sure which one L1 if I’m not mistaking) but he doesn’t know what to do, surgery or no surgery, he says the pain is minimal but I notice it gets to him sometimes. I really dont have any knowledge or experience with this, anyone know what to suggest or any personal experiences out there. thanks