great movie

hey patricia (and other movie freques): have you ever seen the movie “Rad”? its from the 80s, about BMX, just an awesome movie. i watched it last night at my buddies house, and i have seen it once before but i have never seen it in a movie store. personally, i think its a great T-movie, and i totally reccomend it.

Hmmm, nope. Never seen it before, but then I’ve never been into BMX. I may have to check it out.

There is a new flick out, and I wonder if you've seen it yet: "Dogown and Z-Boys" - it's about how a group of skateboarders from like pre-1980 who turned skateboarding into a fad. These guys (and one girl) were VERY young at the time, too. They invented vertical skateboarding on the walls of empty pools (during the drought, so pools were empty at this time). Pretty cool stuff.

I'll look for this one, though. I'm always willing to check out some cool flick! Thanks a bunch, JC! Oh,and is it in the same vein as "Breaking Away"? That's one of my fave's. It's not about BMX, but it is about cycling and stars a very young Dennis Quaid. Love that movie.

Boondock Saints. This is one of the coolest movies i have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and go rent it today. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

I agree with D Rock. Boondock Saints is an awesome movie. Seriously, you will enjoy it. As far as 80s movies go, you can’t consider yourself a child of the 80s if you haven’t seen at least 85% of the following: The Goonies, The Monster Squad, The Karate Kid, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Lucas, The Breakfast Club (and the rest of the brat pack movies which I won’t take the time to list), The Princess Bride, Little Monsters, Willow…I could list more and more =)

yeah i’ve heard about “Dogtown and Z-boys” but i havent seen it yet. even though i can barely stand on a skateboard and would never take a bike to a halfpipe, i love watching things like the X-games. “Rad” is like Dogtown, but it actually was filmed in the 70s or 80s.

Sorry, that was 'Dogtown and Z Boys", not, Dogown…damn keyboard :slight_smile:

the lost boys is one of my favorite movies of all time. one of the best, if not the best vampire movie ever.

I SAW IT!!! Not in the theater, but on video about a million years ago. Some really cute boysin it is I remember right! grin

Trev - I think I qualify as ‘80’s chick’ but I haven’t even heard of some of those movies!! How about Sixteen Candles, Footloose, Top Gun, Pretty in Pink, LaBamba, Who’s that Girl… I totally agree with Goonies, Princess Bride, Karate Kid and Breakfast Club though!

this movie along with rocky III and no retreat no surrender were the movies that i rented and watched over and over as a kid.

Well, my favorite all-time vampire flick, Near Dark is soon to be released on DVD. Oh, how I’m doing the “happy dance” now! BTW: it was released in 1988 and is directed by Kathryn Bigelow (ex-wife of a certain James Cameron), and stars Bill Paxton, Lance Hendrickson and Adrian Pasdar (and a Jenette Goldstein, who had been seen previously in “Aliens” as a character named “Vasquez” - one of the BEST characters ever IMO). A truly memorable vampire flick - haunting. Oh, another great 80’s vampire flick? The Hunger. Stars Susan Sarandon, Catherine Denueve and David Bowie. Oh, how I can talk movies for like, days. :wink:

Michelle and Goldberg, you guys are right on with those 80’s movies! Nothing beats teenage Summertime Hijinks movies from the 80’s. I remember RAD. I used to watch it, then go ride my bike like a maniac. And Rocky- I forgot the number, but the one with Drago, I loved that. In any 80’s movie, you can’t beat the sports training montages where a guy is a goof, then becomes awesome by traning hard in a 2 minute clip. Also, you can’t forget the cheesy music that played during the montage and played again at the climax and end of the movie- 'you are the BEST!, you are the greatest! no one can get you down!" LOL

brooklyn mike-i remember the first time i saw RAD, i also went and took my bike out (a mountain bike for that matter) and went to a local office park, and started jumping stairs and curbs. that lasted for about a week until i saw another movie… (dont worry i was about 12)

Y’all missed one of the '80’s quintessential movies: “To Live and Die in LA”. Goddamn great flick. Another good one? “Arthur”. Oh and “Sid and Nancy”, “Raging Bull”, “Caddyshack”, “Airplane”, and the best Superman of them all: “Superman II”. How’s them for '80’s movies?

Superman II is the best one.

think most of my all time favorite movies have been listed, with one notable exception. You all forgot Fast times at Ridgemont High! “What is everybody, on dope?” Mr Hand.

along the line of “fast times at ridgemont high”, PORKYS!! (wait i think porkys was an 80s flick, if not feel free to hit me in the face with a soyburger.)