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Great Moments in Rainjack's Posts


This is along the lines of Lettermans' 'Great Moments in Presidential Speeches'

Moment one:

Rainjack accusing someone of making an ad hominem argument.

Moment two:

Every time Rainjack is called a cocksucker or something similar, he responds 'you are projecting your sexuality on me', fully unaware that he questions people's sexuality on a regular basis.

Anyone got any others? By the way, I am fully aware this appears near the 'Civility' thread.


Ah... this should be good. Think I'll make some popcorn and wait for the show.


WOW - AndyG the new internet assassin


He's firing blanks.

Honestly, if someone is going to start a thread about my great moments you'd think they would use actual quotes instead of just whining like a little bitch.

But then again - look who started the thread.


Ha ha. Being a dumb Aussie I'm still on dial up and couldn't be bothered trawling through your posts for the quotes. Do you deny any of the above?


Dude gets vitriolic as hell arguing minor nuances of things that he overwhelmingly agrees with people on. Not that I care enough to start a thread about it.


Any of what above?


The things I mentioned in the first post.


All I read was a bunch of fucking whining. No "great moments".

If you wrote it, odds are I disagree with it. You have yet to say anything on this website that I would agree with.

Why do you need me to agree with you?


Ha ha ha. You do agree with me then! I gave examples of your posts. You read them and called them whining. The use of 'Great Moments' was sarcastic. All you do is whine. Thankyou for acknowledging that.

Now write another post with a heap of waffle and no point.


Dude - how do you hear "I agree with you" when I wrote "If your wrote it, odds are I disagree with it"?

If you want to bait me, try a different tactic. This is a piss poor effort on your part.


I swear to god he/you is one of my old college roommates.

That being the case, I'm sure his greatest moments involve beer, money & women.


I'll spell it out for you.

You said your(i.e. rainjack's) posts were just whining.

I agree with this.

We agree.

More waffle from you to follow to try and confuse everyone.


He didn't come out with some of the beter ones either.


Are you on crack?

You asked if I disagreed with anything you mentioned. I said all I saw was a bunch of whining. The whining had to be coming from you as you never quoted me.

How do you not understand this?

Why do you need me to agree with you? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the thread?

I love having deranged stalkers, but dude - you make no sense.

If you want to start an "I Hate rainjack" thread, you need to put a little bit more work into it. This one fails miserably.


No this one is quite funny.

I'm not going to talk to the village idiot anymore. It defeats the purpose of the thread.

Anyone else hae some great rainjack posts?


I think you two should meet somewhere around Ohio and fight.


So you admit to talking to yourself, and publicly promise to stop doing so. That's good. Kinda weird, but good nonetheless.



I hereby revoke your Australian citizenship.



Exactly. I was looking forward to seeing some great quotes.