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Great Low Carb Food Reccomendation


I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and found these AWESOME chicken/turkey sausages.

These are basically the ideal low carb food.
Fat - 8g
***Saturated - 0g
***Poly-unsaturated - 2.5g (so it has omegas fats too?)
Pro - 21g
Carb - 1g
***Sugar - 0g

-100% natural (maybe not organic, but there isn't a single ingredient in there that requires a PhD to pronounce)
-No soy
-No sugar
-A whole food
-They're smoked too, so if I'm not mistaken they can be eaten without cooking on the go. (I personally cooked mine a bit on a pan this morning and it was ... amazing).

I was pleasantly surprised, I felt it was worth sharing.


(if you don't have a Trader Joe's by you, I'm sorry, your life is not complete)


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haven't tried the chicken/turkey sausages, but trader joe's is freaking amazing. walking into trader joe's i honestly feel a little bit like i did walking into a toy store when i was a kid!


Oh sweet. Theres a Trader Joe's next to my school gym so I'll probably stop by and look for these sausages after I hit the gym. Usually I just go in to buy a shitload of fruit (can't beat 19 cents a banana).


I gotta throw this out there- salmon burgers. I got a pack of 12 for 12 bucks at costco, almost identical macros as those sausage links- 170 cals, 9g fat (3.5 polyunsat), 0g carbs, 21g prot. Cracked some garlic pepper on it and grilled, came out damn tasty. I'll hafta check those sausages out today though...


I have sausages from trader joes almost daily they are awesome.


I have sausages from trader joes almost daily they are awesome.


These suckers are a staple in my freezer. That and frozen hamburger patties. They cook up the same way. Good for when I run out of fresh food towards the end of the week.