Great Lifting Music: BYOB

I can’t get this song by System Of A Down out of my head!

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out for free:


Any other fans out there?


Although I don’t agree with there liberal political point of view, I will admit they can make some kick ass music.


AHH SHIT! I’ve got all 4 of SOAD’s albums and they really get me to move some iron! i listen to Mezmerize from beginning to end on a daily basis ever since it came out tuesday. and because it’s only 33 minutes long, thats easy to do. I can’t wait for Hypnotize and their tour this fall.

“It’s a violent pornography, choking chicks and sodomy, the kind of shit you get on your TV”

gotta love it!

System of a Down are into individual freedom and small government? News to me.

Sorry man I’m not from America, to the rest of the world Liberal is closer to the Libertarian Party.

BYOB is awesome. SOAD are one of my favourite bands and I’m looking forward to the new albums out this year.

la la la la la la la!


la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, oooOOOooo!

Great album, not to thrilled that it’s not even 40 minutes long though. And the new Nine inch Nails too! It’s only like 42 minutes! Remember when you’d get a whole hour or more of music when you dropped 20 bucks?

Thanks man, I need some fresh music.

Its only half an album Nate. The other half is out in a couple of months I think.

Rock on brothers…System is fucking awsome

BYOB is a very tight track. However, if you want to set a new PR, pop a couple of Spike caps, and set “Sugar” on loop.


System of a down is awesome. Especially at the gym. Nothing like some good old system to get you to push hard.

I love the new album (well half-album) and can’t wait for hypnotise in the fall.

I find “This cocaine makes me feel like I am on this song” peticularly motivating.

I heard rumors that they may tour with The Mars Volta soon.

Sounds like an amazing concert to me.

I remember the first time I saw SOAD. I was checking out my favorite band, Fear Factory, in Pittsburgh many years ago and this band was playing when I walked into the club. I noticed that the pit was going off and the singer had this look in his eyes like he was posessed by Charles Manson or something. I’ll never forget the crowd control that SOAD had that night, it was insane. I was hooked on them. I still think their first album was the best.

I really like system, they’re pretty goll-dang great.

Sugar, War, Jet Pilot are my fav’s

“How do I feel? What do I say? Fuck you it all goes away…”

[quote]elevationgain wrote:
I really like system, they’re pretty goll-dang great.

Sugar, War, Jet Pilot are my fav’s

“How do I feel? What do I say? Fuck you it all goes away…”[/quote]

i liked SUGAR But for the most part I would rank SOAD music right up there with RANCHERO music