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Great Issue!

I love the new issue and changes to the site. Nice new column, keep up the good work. Glad to see a Dawg School article.

Yeah, I like the makeover for the most part. The changes I am not really happy with are the annoying animation of “VIP - Subscribe now!” (please, please, please stop that!) and a new way of providing links to the previous articles when clicking on the link launches a window that can’t be resized.

Personally I liked the old site. But, hey I’m an old fart (41) and don’t like a lot of changes…LOL. Anyway, the only gripe I really have about the new layout, is that it went back to the old layout of not being printer friendly. I used to have to copy and paste to my word program. They cleaned it up and changed it around issue 60 and now at issue 150 back to the problems. If anyone knows a better way, let me know. I’m using Netscape. I hate Internet explorer, Microsoft and Bill Gates…LMAO.

I agree this is one of the best issues in a while. One request, I think we need to see some pics of the Gang O’ Babes just to make sure they qualify as T-vixens.

Sweet! I wholeheartedly agreed with Phil.

Thanks for the feedback, Patty!

Click in the window and select ‘view frame in new window’ this will open up just the text and blue bar in a separate window, you can print that.

Michele, that trick works for the old issues. It doesn’t work on issue 150. There isn’t that option available. Any other ideas? Thanks

That’s the way I do it now. do you know any HTML? today I just viewed the page source and transferred the code. I can help you with that if you’d like. It’s quite simple.

Yes, Michelle, please help!..thanks in advance.

ok, try this step by step and you should have no trouble. i am assuming you are on a windows based machine, if you are on a mac, bless you! (and the directions will be slightly different)
Oops! I just realized the problem! only the forum is still in frames…ok, we can still do this!!!

  1. right click on the page and select view source.

  2. select all and copy paste into a text editor (notepad will do, but something with line numbers is best! turn off wrapping, so long lines go off the left of the screen.)

  3. search for !-- #BeginEditable “title” – it will be in brackets. below this is the article or whatever it is you want to see.

  4. a line or two before BeginEditable is table width=“440” there is a bracket before the word ‘table’ now, copy and paste everything from the word table to /table, include all brackets. (i can’t put brackets in the forum, it may cause trouble with the forum code, i’m not sure how they wrote it)

  5. copy and paste that into another document and save it as .html then drag and drop it into your browser. you should see the entire article, though it will be a narrow column.

  6. you’ll see a number in the first table tag, if you make it larger your table will be wider. (try 600 to start)

this sounds complicated, but it will only be hard the first time!!! good luck and let me know if you have trouble!

Oh yeah, though I am very anti-microsoft, I would suggest useing Internet Explorer instead of Netscape, it is much more forgiving if you miss a tag or bracket.

Michelle, thanks for trying. But, I never got past step #1. I don’t get a window with options, once I view source. Anyway, as much as I hate microsoft also, I’ll just go with internet explorer to print up the mag.

one you have the source code, just highlight all of it and hit ctrl-c, or hit ctrl-a to select all and then crtl-c. that will copy it to the clipboard so you can paste the entire code elsewhere…then keep going.