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Great Gyms That Deserve Recognition


Thought I'd start a thread about kick-ass gyms across the country that are worthy of a shout-out.

First off, ProPerformance in Morgantown, WV. This is an awesome facility. If there's a better gym anywhere else in the country I'd like to see it. Basically 2 gyms in one: a "fitness" area upstairs, and then a hardcore weight-room downstairs with 4 Olympic platforms, 4 heavy-duty power racks, 2 glute-ham benches, 2 reverse hypers, and dumbells up to 180.

They also have an "explosion" room upstairs for polymetrics. Attached to the weight room is an indoor practice facility with strongman equipment on the side: torpedoes, sleds, a prowler, tires etc....

Check it out at www.properformancerx.com


Another great kick-ass gym:

Albany Strength in Albany, NY. Awesome facility. Geared towards powerlifitng. All the equipment you would ever need. Great atmosphere, no "gym weenies" allowed. Check it out at www.albanystrength.com


North Georgia Barbell (Kennesaw, GA)- basic PL gym with several really good lifters
Tampa Barbell (Tampa, FL)- ditto
Cell Block Gym (Manchester, TN)- ditto
Coffee's Gym (Marietta, GA) - not much of a PL gym anymore but John Coffee turns out some good weightlifters, particularly the ladies
Total Perfomrance Sports (Everett, MA)- good PL gym, but with a more of strongman, general athletic S&C bend to it.


Supreme Sports Performance and Training in Rockville, MD. Not a large gym but they have top of the line equipment, a good group of lifters, and the owners are world class powerlifters/coaches.


westside :slightly_smiling:


The Training Studio run by Mike Hanley (Morganville, NJ)


Total Performance Sports - Everett MA. Strongman, Powerlifter, Martial artist, Crossfitter, they can help you.


Ultimate fitness
Logansport Indiana

its a small hole in the wall gym, but its got good stuff and good people.
Also, they allow cleans, snatches, deads, and chalk


Jakked Hardcore in Montgomery Il, this gym is awesome. It has dbs up to 200lbs, all the strongman equipment you could ask for, two compitition benchs, monolifts (a second one just got ordered), chains, bands, and heavy metal music over the speakers


Sityodtong MMA/Muay Thai Academy - Somerville, MA

Kenny Florian, Steven Bonnar, etc. probably the best training facility in the East Coast for MMA.

Total Performance Sports as others have said is a good gym for strength sports. unfortunately it doesn't do much for the bodybuilding scene.


Mieko's fitness (Seattle, WA)

Never have to wait in line for equipment.

Hot staff.

The best part: $20/month!


Frantz Gym- Aurora, Illinois: OLD school. Basement has monolifts, dead platforms and competition benches. First floor has a shop with all the PL gear Frantz makes. Second floor has some ancient, awesome machines. The top floor is a boxing ring. The whole place is very old, dusty, and hardcore.


Frantz Gym is legendary, I train with some guys that spent time there. That gym used to be the place to train if you were a powerlifter. I've heard rumors that Ernie is talking about selling.

Do you train there?


Planet Fitness. The 30 minute machine circuit gives such a great pump. plus they keep away all those scary meatheads with the lunk alarm!


My basement. :wink:


I'm jealous.


SouthSide BB in CT.


LOL I wish I was a regular there. I probably train there 1-2 times a year while visiting family in Aurora. Last time I was there I met Ernie and he let me work in with his team. Probably my best PLing experience ever.

I really hope that whomever he sells it to keeps it the same. That place is THE epitome of PLing, in my opinion. It is the highlight of my visits.


In the same vein as Frantz is B&W Gym in Chicago on the northside. Dennis has run the gym for a long time and he's put on quite a few PL meets. He's limited on space but there are about a dozen or so strong guys that make their way through there during the week.


Word. :slight_smile: