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Great Gym-Looking For Strength Advice


I found a great gym near were I live. 8 rooms, power racks as far as the eye can see, they were playing Distrubed (loudly) when I walked in, it was amazing..

Now, i've been working out at home for about six monthes. This has been pretty good and I have made very good progress in my conditioning and strength endurance, but not so great in my max strength.

My goals are to become more athletic, especially: gain max strength, strength endurance, and improve my aerobic/anaerobic conditioning. The first two are fairly weak, the last one is strong

To contuine to improve my conditioning I will contuine doing hill/stair/track sprints and hitting the heavy bag, jump roping and doing cardio excersises (such as burpees, mountain climbers, dbell swings) 2 days a week. What resistance training program would guys recommend to someone hows starting out and is looking to improve max strength? Also I am afraid that if I stop emphasizing my endurance strength routines my pushup/pullup/situp numbers will fall. The old "well I can do 100 pushups" "ya well I bench 350" I'm seeking a middle ground.Is there anything to this theory or am I just confused?

Since someone is gonna ask: I'm 6'2" 190lb and yes thats skinny but I'm more concerned about my conditioning then putting on weight (for the moment) and I also eat correctly (I have Precision Nutrition and am following it)

Thanks, in advance for the help


The more qualities you attempt to train at the same time, the less effective you will be at each. Still, the combination you're looking for isn't totally impossible. Some form of alternating or conjugate periodization is probably your best bet.


Why not one workout for each quality per week? Or perhaps 2 for max strength and 1 for each of the others for a total of 4 per week? Do it westside style but based around several qualities not just max strength and dynamic strength. And yes, you COULD reach a middle ground but I see little reason to. Afterall, isn't strength what T-mag is about?


Sure, you get worse at pressups...so what? who flipping cares? are we in a national pushup competition?

I used to be able to do 140 pushups straight but now it hangs around 100...I'm not bothered, I've put on about 12-15 lbs of lower body mass in the past couple of months and I'm much stronger on the bench. Just keep it up with a few sets of near maximum effort a week (I didn't and I lost a decent amount of endurance)


My worry is that I am in the "national push up competion" Actually the U.S Army physical Fitness test. My pushups right now are ok (last PT test I did 52) but nothing to brag about. I'm afraid that I'll loose so many that I won't be able to pass the test (which is 41 pushups at my age) I'll probably end up doing what you suggested and justed maxing out, or doing a couple of big sets every morning.



Have a look at this program. You could treat the strongman day as strength endurance by using farmers walks, etc. Turkish get-ups can tear you up as well.


mikeron- I took a look at the program and thats pretty good, only thing is I'm new at this so if i worked 6 days a week I'd burn out. So I'm thinking a modified version of that.

day 1- powerlifting day (max effort)
day 2- sweat day (GPP)
day 3- O-lifting day (dynamic day, using mostly Dbells, becuase I can't do BBell O-lifts yet)
day 4- sweat day (interval running)
day 5- strongman or powerlifting day (max effort)
day 6&7- Rest


Yeah, you need to experiment and modify. You also may benefit from a leisurely stroll on day 6, and I'd recommend strongman over powerlifting on day 5. Also, I don't recommend EDT Deadlifting your first time through. :wink: