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Great Guns question

For Phase 1 on the Great Guns article, it says you should do 3 strip sets of bicep curls supersetted with 3 strip sets of overhead tricep extensions. It wasn’t all that clear about what it meant. Am I supposed to do three sets of strip sets where within each strip set I’m stripping the weight off twice? (eg. do ten reps, lighten load, another ten reps, lighten load, ten more reps. Then do two more sets of that after the tricep extension superset). Also, when I superset the two exercises together, do I do one stripset of bicep curls and then go to the overhead triceps extensions or do I superset them within the actual strip set? And how much rest am I supposed to take after performing one superset or do I just take no rest at all and go straight back to the bicep curls. Thanks if you can help me here.

Bumping this up because when I did the guns workout I did 3, 3 set strip sets for bi’s and tri’s and was wondering the whole time if this was what he meant.

no, you just do 1 set where you strip the weight off two times. do 1 set of 10 for biceps, strip weight off, do another set of 10, strip weight off, do another set of 10. then go straight into tricep extensions in a similar fashion. i wondered the same thing when i did the program. it needs to be updated or something to make it more clear. a lot of the stuff is a little confusing on that program. if you think about it though, by doing a strip set you are pretty much going to complete failure three times. there wouldn’t be a real benifit to doing 6 more sets to failure. on the downside though, it might contribute to overtraining.

Nic, I agree with your reasoning, but can anyone else clarify this? It just seems somewhat strange, because for the overhead extensions, it says “Rest: superset with bicep curls” as if you are to continue on to another set of the bicep curls rather than just ending the workout there. Also, has anyone else had trouble with doing full bodyweight dips at the tempo that Ian King prescribes? I just thought that doing a set of 10 full bodyweight dips taking 4 seconds to lower after two supersets of other triceps exercises seemed near impossible for the average guy.