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Great guns program

I have just read over the article “Great guns.” My question is in regard to the placement of each workout during the week. My work requires me to travel nearly every weekend, which only leaves monday-friday to train (yes, this is a bitch). I wanted to split the routine up into a monday/wed/friday schedule, but am unsure as to when to place my maintenance day. It is recommended in the article, when working out 3x per week, to place the maintenance work (all body parts other than arms) on the 3rd day. However, that would only leave me 1 day of rest between arm workouts. Should I place the maintenance day in the middle (wed)? Also, when performing maintenance work for the chest and back, what exercises are recommended? I’m asking because the triceps and biceps are (obviously) involved quite a bit with compound chest and back movements. Will this hinder progress or cause overtraining? I am eager to start the program, but don’t want my chinning and bench poundages to suffer too much over the 12 week cycle. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks again

Yes, he did say 3rd day, but he didn’t specify where to put that day. When I did the program I used a split much like you (maintence on day 2), and it worked out fine. Just be sure that you are progressing from workout to workout, on your arm workouts, for this is the purpose of the program. I understand your concerns about your bench and chins and would recommend that you keep the reps low (whatever “low” for you is) on benchs and chins as to preserve your strength and keep a low volume. Best of luck, and be sure to take some pics and measurements before and after.