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Great Guns program with Super Strength Workout

I really want to combine Ian King’s Super Strength program, Great Guns program, and Limping program. It’s summer time and I have 13 weeks before school starts again. I’m 15 years old, and since I always hear about how guys my age have such high recovery rates, I was thinking that I could do it. I eat about 4,500 cals a day, and about 300 (or more) grams of protein a day. I weigh 170 lbs. and I’m 6 ft. 2 in. Any tips on how I could do this?

I’d just worry about the Super strength and the limping program…at your height and weight it’s probably best if you pack on about 30 lbs before you even think about arm training. But anyway, you oughta be able to combine the super strength and limping series and this will have you training 4 days each week…By the end of the summer it wouldn’t surprise me if you gain 15 lbs (that is if you eat massively)

Kelly’s right…just do the super strength and limping programs for now. They’re made to go together. Believe me, if you eat enough, your arms will grow on this program.

Do the arms!!!Pound them into submission…I did this in high school working bis and tris 3 times per week and have reeped the benfits ever since. I think since you are young you could definitely pull it off. Hard consistant work can lead you to the biggest arms in high school.

I don’t think you should combine the workouts as recommended by Ian in the Great Guns Series.If you want your arms to grow, do the Great Guns series alone. I am in my eighth week in this series. I extended the first two phases to 4 weeks each instead of three. I was out of the gym previously for about six weeks due to a wrist injury. When I got back, I started the Great Guns series and have seen a quarter inch gain with increased definition. Most of this occurred during Phase 1 possibly due to the time off.
In the last few weeks I had been pushing my other body parts and I think this has had detrimental effects. In short, I think you should MAINTAIN your other body parts so that your arms will grow.

OK T-mag guys…this is my ONE bone to pick with you!! T-mag has stated you have to gain 10-15 pounds LBM to put an inch on your arms. Now with great guns you are saying I can gain size on the guns…while maintaining everything else…WHAT ARE THE FACTS JACK?? LOL! I need some answers here! Cause I am one of those “Gun challenged” guys with a great chest and good lats…so give me the answers!!

Hey Whopper, I think what you’re talking about is a Poliquin theory. I personally don’t buy it. I don’t see how the arms “know” that the rest of the body is bigger therefore they need to grow. If that was possible, why would everyone have so many gross muscular imbalances? When I was in college, I worked only the upper body, due to my vanity. I got massive in the upper body and my legs remained tiny. I don’t recall any hindrances to my upper body gains. I’ll bet, if my goal was to maximize the size of any one muscle, that can be done by working that particular muscle to the exclusion of everything else. Just my take.

X, I’d go for the Super Strength and Limping programs and leave Great Guns for another time. Do not start them both at the same time if you do you will end up at the hardest phase of both programs at the same time, recovering from one would be hard, let alone both. Good luck. outlaw.

I believe Poliquin’s point was, and it’s frequently misrepresented, is that if you were to just concentrate on the core lifts, ignoring arms, and you put on 15 pounds, your arms will grow too!! Afterall, it was Poliquin who developed the one day arm cure!

Actually, T., Poliquin made it sound like gaining overall bodyweight was necessary to gain arm size. Here is what he says in a previous article, “In general, improvements in arm measurement are related to gains in lean body mass. A good rule of thumb is that for every inch you want to gain on your arms, you need to gain roughly 15 pounds of equally distributed body mass. In other words, to make significant improvements in your arms, you have to gain mass all over your entire body. The human body is a finely-tuned machine that will only allow for a certain amount of asymmetry. Therefore, if you devote your training energies solely to building big arms, you’d eventually reach a point of total stagnation because you weren’t training your legs. In other words, no wheels, no wings! Furthermore, if arms grew without some sort of concurrent development in the legs, most bodybuilders would have to walk on their hands.” It is an interesting theory, but I don’t agree. I don’t have a controlled study to support my view, but neither does Poliquin. I’ve just have not seen any hindrance to individual muscle gains due to lack of work to a totally unrelated muscle elsewhere in the body. I can see how strong forearms can lead to a bigger bench due to better control of the bar leading to being able to handle bigger weights, but a bigger quad leading to bigger bi’s? I just haven’t seen any relation among other trainers and myself.