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Great Guns in Twelve Weeks Questions


Hey guys

Been training for years now and really want to do Ian kings program now
Just have a few questions and was wondering if you guys could help clarify some stuff for me

1.should I do one warm set for every move and a tri set warm on each tri set? (so one whole tri set with a light weight)

2.Ian states:

"Also remember to incorporate my usual load selection recommendations. Start out light enough in the first week to see load increases each subsequent week. Avoid going to total muscle failure in all but the last week on this phase."

What are his usual load selection recommendations?

And should I go to one rep before fail on each move before the third week or?

Thanks guys so glad to be at TNation now


Aren't these the kind of questions you're supposed to know the answers to before deciding to do a program?




That's true ha not starting it for a while just planning now

What would you recommend for the second question about load selection and not going to fail until the last week?

Thanks alot for the help


You know i never understood these "x weeks to an AWESOME whatever*

hell it takes years to really bring up a bodypart. what the hell could you get from a few weeks.


They sell.


so do prostitutes doesnt mean its the best idea