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Great Glenn Pendlay Interview


The guy over at 70's big posted a great podcast interview of Glenn Pendlay. It focused mostly on the state of weightlifting in the US, and had some great frank discussion of drugs. I thought I'd post it here in case any of you don't go to that site regularly.





Cool find - I like that "Greg" guy :slight_smile:


What are you taling about?



Seems like he was directly addressing that EliteFTS article.


It's a very good interview, worth listening to.


Well, to be fair, my post made more sense before you edited the thread title and your first post :slight_smile:

I won't comment about 'taling' so you won't have to edit that one too :wink:

Either way thanks for the link. I absolutely love hearing from Coach Pendlay. You can tell his love for the sport by how much he shares so freely!