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Great Freakin Article

Cy, you’re one smart SOB to think of compiling an article like that! Do you know how many people I am forwarding it to as we speak?! Great article!

One question though, can anyone provide me with the information as to why urinary markers are not a reliable way to check for increased risk of kidney stones? I think Bill Roberts answered this question on the forum before, but I couldn't find it in the archives.

EVERYONE send this article to EVERYONE!

-Joel Marion


Amen, brother Marion! Gotta’ give credit where credit is due; Cy, it was an oustanding article!

Ok, your college prof says to you “high protein intakes have been shown to increase the risk of kidney stones.” I’m pretty sure they make this assertion from increased urinary levels of something. What is the fault with this argument; surely we ought to know the answer! Someone inform us!

Guess your profs all got u on that one…Hopefully Bill Roberts can respond to educate us.

I am interested in finding out too, my father’s side has kidney stones problems, although I have never experienced anything yet.