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Great First Experience

I had a great first experience with a cycle

Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5’ 8’’

Pre Cycle Stats
Weight: 155
Fat%: 14%

Post Cycle Stats
Weight: 165
Fat%: 8%

Test Prop 1cc every other day
T3: Gradual dosage increase the decrease
Nolva 1 a day
Var: 4 a day
Clen: Gradual increase to 3 a day, 1 week on 1 week off
Benadryl: 2 a day on Clen off weeks
Clomid: post cycle 2 a day

The cycle was 12 weeks long, the only complication was my fear of pinning and the pct. My shoulders and bank broke out a little. I will need to figure out how to prevent that next time.

Now I’m thinking of of doing the following cycle
Test E 250 twice a week
EQ 200 twice a week

I’m going to get my gear from the same place and I’m hoping to hit 200 lbs. I’m even thinking of doing a blog. Let me know if anyone has suggestions or questions.

Holy crap! You gained about 14 pounds of lbm?! How long did that cycle lasted? I don’t know anything about special gear but I’m interested in seeing how well it goes for you. Keep me posted!

did u use Nolva on Cycle ?

did you use Nolva Cycle ?