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Great Fedor HL


The guy is such an animal. This HL is a few months old, so hopefully it hasn't already been posted.


Others have been posted, but not that particular one. He's always worth watching again and again. Definetely a cyborg.


That one's been posted. It's a good one.


A very good one.

Fedor is unbelievable.


Did he ever loose a fight in the league, if yes when, and against who.
Thanks for any replies.


I don't think he has ever lost in Pride but I think, and I may be wrong, that he has lost 1 fight in MMA...



Only loss was by a cut in 0:17.

This guy is unbelievable. Always keeps his cool. Attacks when he sees an opening, scary accurate with his unorthodox punches. His brother scares me too.


Tsuyoshi Kohsaka. On a cut, in the first 17 seconds. Doesn't mean anything though. He thoroughly beat down TK in the rematch.


coming from a person that doesn't know a whole lot about MMA, so bear with me here... but what makes him so good? i know that he's the best, he obviously dominates his opponents, but why is he so good? is it his technique, his physical attributes? what?


His inability to feel pain, injury or compassion for the weak-fleshed humans against whom he is so often pitted.

As a side note, this is the one creature in the universe with the ability to pwn Chuck "Chuck Norris" Norris.


I would class myself as being similarily ignorant in the mma world...but i seems like everything is what makes him so good. he was alternately pummeling the crap out o huge mn and then flipping around like a damn magician/houdini to catch them in submissions out of nowhere (there was one in particular when he was on the bottom and rolled and flipped his way into an arm bar on a dude that was unbelievable).

That reel was pretty cool man...I'd just hate for that poor bastard to run into Chuck Norris on one of his bad nights....be a terrible loss to the sport.



Dedication, heart, and an iron will. He trains in sport specific ways. No weights and very cardio specifi. Also a combat sambo champ.

The man was raised in poverty and is quoted saying the main reason he fights is to not go back to that way of living. Pretty strong motivation if you ask me.

The man scares me...there's no emotion in his fights. He is a true professional.


Fedor is a true warrior. He never goes to fight - he goes to war.

His stand up fighting is massively powerful, fearless and vicious.

If he beats you with stand up - you're lucky.

He's the baddest man on the planet. And by man, I mean cyborg.


Has anyone else noticed that the Russian fighters like Igor, Fedor, and Alex have an unorthodox punching style? They throw these big looping overhand hooks that make contact with the side of their fist, kind of like a reverse hammer punch.


I was trying to think of anyone in UFC that go at least one round with him. His game is just in another universe.


He is the best. Plain and simple. And as someone said, everything is what makes him great. Striking power, striking speed, and combinations. Great ground game. Ability to tolerate pain with as little effect to his attack as possible.

Simply the best competition fighter in the world today. And I say competition because guys trained in special forces to kill are a different breed.


I've noticed that with Igor, and a few times with fedor but they are midgets too


When "Cro Cop" kicked him with his left leg to the head and it just bounced off like a nerf ball, I realized that Fedor was not only a bad ass mofo, but has not feeling of pain at all.

I've seen "Cro Cop" kick dudes and cause cuts with rivers of blood flowing. Knocking them out cold.

Fedor is amazing.


Fantastic high light, one of the best I've seen. Fedor is so explosive and intelligent. Anyone know what's going on with Pride's Absolute GP? Round 1 is this friday, any word on round 2?


midgets?? Ok Igor is short at 5'9 but Fedor is 6' -6'1, pretty far from midget.