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Great Fat Loss Progress, What Next?


i started cutting at the beggining of october and i have so far lost 35 pounds. i began at 205 and am now at 170. my fat loss has slowed very much and im pretty much at a plateau, i honestly dont think i can lose anymore weight. im 5'7" and at 170 pounds i still look fat. for my height i think i would have to be at about 150 pounds to look lean, im 22 years old. i would love to drop my bodyfat level to where i can see some abs, but i dont think i can get past this plateau.

my diet was 1800 calories a day. all meals were protein and fat except breakfast, six times a day, taking HOT-ROX, and fish oil and flax seeds, and Surge Recovery. i logged everything. i have now stopped taking HOT-ROX since i ran out and i was on them for a while.

i was lifting free weights 3 times a week with heavy weights and sometimes i would do some burpees afterwards. only whole body workouts with compound lifts. i would also have 2-3 cardio days in which i would do some complexes and burpees afterwards.

i have never done max lifts but using a max rep calculator and my first work set i came up with these numbers.

incline bench press- 197 lbs.
deadlift- 300 lbs.
squat- 257 lbs.
chin ups, pull ups, dips- i use just my bodyweight and the most i can do my first set with good form are 5-6 reps.

here is what i have changed so far. now im only eating 3 times per day. 1800 calories everyday, workout days are 1800+Surge. protein and fat meals every meal except breakfast and pwo meal, which is chicken breast and a whole lot of brown rice, or potatoes.

what should i do next? should i stay at this weight for a while? bump my calorie intake a bit?


Get significantly stronger on all your lifts, ALL of them, while eating a reasonable amount of calories from high quality food sources.

Maybe do some cardio to keep fat gain in check.


Well, what were you planning on doing next? If you're burned out on weight loss, which is very reasonable at this point, it's probably time to steer things in another direction. Have you been able to make steady strength gains on 1800/day?

Keep up the good work.


yes i have made strength gain but they have been minimal. i was actually surprised i went up at all. my biggest and best gains were with chin ups and pull ups. when i started i could barely do one on my own, then i started using elastic bands to help me in my sets. now i could do a pretty good amount, i do about 25 per workout.

i honestly didnt know what to do. i want to drop as much fat as possible, i really wanted to get down to 150 pounds.

should i stay at this weigth for a little bit to let my body get used to it?


Are you, for some reason, averse to getting stronger?

I'll preface by saying I a really big guy (Currently 6'4" and 253 lbs), but personally, I lost alot of weight last year (55 lbs), but plateaued. I held at that weight for about 3-4 months, then bulked this past fall, about 25 lbs up, and got stronger in all my lifts. Now I am cutting again, and back down that 25 lbs and then some, yet I am much stronger and look much better than I did last year at around the same weight.

Its one thing to just cut weight, and quite another to make your body stronger and more functional by shedding weight and building muscle mass