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Great Expectations


I have been concentrating on putting on muscle and now I am switching to fat-loss. I just want to know if I my expectations are unrealistic. I am hoping to lose eight lbs of fat in five weeks. I don't do well on fat-fast or T-dawg so I was just keeping calories in a deficit (lots of veggies, lean meats, cutting out refined carbohydrates but still eating whole wheat breads and oatmeal) and include cardio with my weight-training. So is my goal to high? Thanks


A little over a pound a week is doable, depending on how lean you already are. (If you're already lean, you might not quite reach your goal.) If you don't respond well to low carb, have you looked into the "Don't Diet" plan outlined in the "Appetite" column in issue #167? Good program. Very effective. If you're worried about muscle loss, consider adding in some of the new Methoxy-7. Oh, and I'd still dump the bread, or at least limit yourself to 1 or 2 slices per day. Keep us posted, Jennifer.


You go girl! YOU CAN DO IT!


Thanks for the motivation! I am going to follow the Don't Diet recommendations as well as dropping the bread. And I have the new Methoxy 7 so here goes....


Keep us posted.


Like CS said, depends on how lean you already are. I,myself, have dropped about 2 pounds of fat per week just by manipulating calories without supplementation for eight weeks straight coming down to 12% BF. You can do it. GO FOR IT! Tell us how it goes coz I'm keen to try Methoxy too.


It seems like many people lose the most amount of weight their first week of dieting, relative to the rest of the dieting period. Maybe this is because cutting carbs makes you shed water or something? Also, if I were you, I wouldn't use creatine.


8 pounds in 5 weeks? it's probably do-able, if you're pretty strict. i started t2 and md6 in june, cut out much of the 'shit' in my diet and have lost just under 20 pounds (added muscle and lost fat, i have no idea what the bf% change was). i'm not sure why princess doesn't recommend creatine, but i've never had a problem with it. it makes you retain some water, but i've never found it to affect fat loss in any way.


you say you have been concentrating on putting the muscle on. great, but muscle weights more then fat. Maybe look at your body fat % then your scale.


I'm curious, would creatine help in fat loss?


in my humble opinion, creatine wouldn't help or hinder fat loss. It just promotes an environment of well hydrated muscle cells that allows for a greater volume of work. If I were already on creatine and it wasn't time for me to cycle off, I'd continue taking it. If I were not on creatine, I wouldn't take it for the purpose of promoting fat loss.