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Great Doctor in Tacoma


I have found a great hrt doctor in tacoma who actually wanted me to recommend him on TNation so here goes. Thanks for the great service interesting conversation and knowledge of hrt. Thanks Dr havsy


I’m new and I’m in Spokane. Still educating myself but does your doctor there in Tacoma have a problem with the T + hCG + AI protocol advocated by some in this forum? My family doc is useless and the doc I just saw this morning wanted to saliva test me and then peddle BHRT. I’m prepared to travel to find a decent doctor.




NO he will prescribe the whole protocol.


This doctor in Tacoma, does he respond to emails and phone messages? It’s been over a week and not a peep. If it is because of the holidays then maybe I could understand, but it would be nice to read on the website or hear on the outgoing message that the Dr. is out of the office. Between the misleading experience I wrote about on my ‘New guy getting up to speed’ thread and now seeing that Dr. Havsy’s presentation is nothing to find satisfaction in, this finding a TRT doctor really sucks.


Good to know I’m in the Washingtonian myself. Is it a revivery office or dr. Ari radio specilist?


Dr. Wheeler prescribes the entire protocol as well


Be patient the Dr is out until the new year


@jaymoss I came across this post from '14. It looks like Havsy is no longer in medicine, but it appears you are in my area. Do you have a good doctor you use now or recommend? I am just starting TRT and my doctor has a lot of red flags so far. Thank you.


Low t 99 in Tacoma