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Great Day: Jennifer Thompson's Nationals


Guys here is the link to Jennifer Thompson's 2010 Raw Nationals.

Squat 286lbs, 303lbs, 308lbs

Bench 264lbs, 282lbs, 292lbs

Deadlift 314lbs, 363lbs, 386lbs

Total 986lbs.

Perspective on this performance:

Broke the Raw American Squat Record twice

Broke the Raw American Bench Record twice

Broke the Raw American Deadlift Record twice

Broke the Raw American Total Record twice

Her 500 Wilkes points is the highest raw wilkes in USAPL history, men or women

Her Raw Total would have won every Equipped USAPL Womenâ??s Nationals before 2001

Her Raw Bench would have won every Equipped USAPL Bench Nationals before 2002

Her Raw Bench is the highest All-time Raw coefficient bench in Female history

In fact her Raw Bench would have been the Single-ply Equipped World Record until 2002.


Insane performance


Thats just freaking impressive.


all i can say is wow. that's completely awesome in every sense of the word. plus, it looks like she had quite a bit left in the tank on those deads.


She is amazing.


Great googly moogly. That bench is freaking awesome. I love women like this because she looks cute, feminine, and is strong as hell. I've been trying to get my fiance into powerlifting and women like this make my case for me.

She made all those lifts look easy.


She's an IPF level referee and I've seen her in her little referee outfit/blazer. She just looks like a normal fit woman when she's clothed. When she wears tank tops or shows her arms, you definitely see she has an unusual level of upper body mass for a woman, but she is just built differently from most of us. She was strict and uniform in her calls, and I love seeing a referee who is strict on the platform with her lifts as well as everyone else's. She's an inspiration in every aspect of the sport.


holy crap!
I can't see the vid at work, what weight class does she compete in?
absolutely unreal numbers.




As I watched that awesome video, a cloud of unworthiness descended upon me.


I got to watch her at that meet. And I kept thinking that she's SO strong and SO hot. Why do some people get it all?




Being a fellah, an ol' fellah at that, I didn't want to taint the accomplishment with tackiness. I'm glad you said it though, because it needed sayin'.


Well, even though I'm a heterosexual woman, it was what I was thinking!




Didn't mean to offend in any way, PMPM.


Teehee. Now I'm just broken hearted.


i think is the ponytail....

freaking impressive bench


Wow. That's incredibly inspirational!


Holy cow. That was great to watch. Everything looked so effortless.