Great Dane Owners Unite!

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Well, I said 50’s because I think for an educated owner the procedure is unwarranted. [/quote]

I disagree and take offense at this. We lost Atlas to bloat at age 7 and we were very careful about the food he ate, when he ate, activity before and after eating.

Here’s the scenario. One sunny day Atlas and I went to the park and played. An hour or so later he got fed and had a great appetite. An hour or so after that my wife and I went out to dinner. When we came home a few hours later we found him and rushed him to the vet but it was too late to really do anything. He had a very fragile digestive system and was prone to diarrhea when he got nervous (which was often). He was a rescue so we were unsure of what his past had been.

Could we have done anything different? I guess so but to think it cannot happen to your dog is a foolish way of thinking and we will certainly tack our next Dane’s tummy.


Please accept my apology, I feel like shit for offending you with my “50’s” statement about stomach tacking. I still stick by my statement, but by no means did I intend it to offend you or anyone, or touch on a nerve. It’s my opinion based on my own research and from talking to my breeder and vet. Again, just my opinion. I am sorry for bumming you out.

I’ve never heard of this stomach stiching before.

I used to own a German Shorthaired Pointer which has a big chest little stomach structure as well.

She swallowed/ate (never did figure out what) something which blocked her plumbing so to speak, couldn’t keep nothing down. The vet told us to search our backyard for dark, black tar like stains in the grass, which we did find.

Sad story short we had to put her down. If your dogs barfing up a storm and whining at the water dish(in our case the toilet lol) check your backyard for these stains, you never know.

Sorry for the downer post.

Love Great Danes, and really all big dogs.

I plan on owning a Irish Wolfhound at some point.

^^^ wolfies are great, I have always been a giant breed dog person myself, i have had mastiffs and wolfhounds, Sebastion is my first Dane.

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This is my Sebastion, decent height for a Dane (36" at the shoulder) but very lean and athletic at only 130lbs. I take him on 2-5 mile runs on my bicycle ever day, sometimes twice a day. he is 5 years old, which is pretty old for a Dane, but he still has not lost a step.


Now THAT is a handsome dog, wow. WANNNT!!!

(Oh, not in a sexual way. I hope it didn’t come across like that, heh.)