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Great Christmas Gift Ideas

I’ve determined that this year i’m going to be more generous in my christmas-gifting, as I have the money this year for really the first time. Anyways, I have about 20 people or so I want to get gifts for and i’m looking for some general ideas since i’m having trouble thinking of 20 personalized gifts.

My backup ideas for those I can’t think of ideas for is to just get them stuff from
or maybe some godiva chocolates
or maybe a gift card to a nice restaurant for the couples I know

Other good ideas i’ve come across are massage gift cards, and memberships in a “wine of the month” club, but for the people i’d be getting those for, both of those are outside my price range at the moment.

Anyways, what are some great Christmas gifts you’ve received in the past, or what are the gifts you’re really proud of giving/planning to give?

I haven’t gotten it “yet” but I like this idea



Either is a gift that keeps on giving; for a year or for 35 seconds.