Great Chest Stretch...

I do alot of foam rolling for my legs and back, but it wasnt until today i thought I’d try it on my chest/shoulders. I have somewhat rounded shoulders from too much computer time. I took the foam roller and leaned on it, on a wall at an angle, putting my arms straight out to the side, and slowly roll from one side to the other. I can see (and feel) and immediately difference in the positioning of my shoulders. I may try this pre-workout next time. let you guys know how it goes.

I posted this because I see alot of guys static stretching their pecs at the gym, over and over again…

Was the roller at say a 45 degree angle to the floor? As in pointing at the 10 and 4 on a clock and/or the 2 and 8?

the roller was straight up and down, vertical, flat against the wall. you have to lean into the wall to get some weight onto the roller. and you have to make sure you totally relax when you roll on it. you can roll in different angles and directions, you’ll see what works best for you after a few passes.

any chance we can get a video?


I imagine you could do this on the floor as well… don’t have a video cam at the moment.

I just put it on the ground, looks kind of weird but it works. Well, it doesn’t look as bad as when I foam roll my quads with the roller on the ground, that position looks very familiar except there’s no one there lol.

I know, most foam rolling looks funny if you’re watching someone else do it… I bring mine on ski trips and all my buddies break my balls. then I let them try it and they really like it.

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[quote]whitedime wrote:
I imagine you could do this on the floor as well… don’t have a video cam at the moment.[/quote]

Your phone maybe has one…