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Great Carlin Vid for Trolls/Pricks in General


insert this for every troll job and/or dumb ass miss placed mindless response.



I loved that guy!


That's just beautiful. Kid you not a tear just rolled over my cheek. He's like fucking reading in my mind when I read some of those troll jobs or bullshit know it all cock suckers. Just brilliant. Nice find man. Bravo.


i'll bump my own shit


Destroying hecklers is a marvelous skill.


when did "cocksucker" become a bad man?

I thought it was a good woman.


Carlin has earned a wicked card.


George Carlin's a great comedian and all but sometimes his jokes are just vulgar, and not really witty and funny. He makes good observations but he doesn't really know how to make it funny a lot of the time, and I find he's more of an interesting comedian to listen to. Didn't like the vid, he was just cussing.


beautifully poignant


Someone shove a cock in this guy's mouth.


Every now and then, I would see him at my gym walking on the treadmill. One hell of a nice guy. This is priceless.


hmm. Food for thought...


I agree. I like this guy's way of handing hecklers MUCH better the Carlin's:


Now that's fuckin' funny.


I watched all the heckler youtube has to offer and Joe Rogan definitely takes the win