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Great Board!

Have you guys noticed how this is about the only board around where people can actually exchange ideas without the discussion devolving into a name calling, mud slinging, “yo mama” flame festival? Kind of refreshing, isn’t it?

Agree! Way to go ladies and gentlemen. Lets keep it this way!

I like that they filter out the crap. I cant put stuff about my 21 inch arm and bullshit lies. I like it.

Believe it or not, the monitors filter out very little. For the most part, posts are sincere and intelligent. It’s rare to see a negative, senseless attack like you see on other boards (which usually drives people away eventually.)

We do filter out some questions that fall into the customer service category. I’ve never seen this question, but here’s an example. If you can’t get the lid off your Tribex-500, don’t post a nasty message on the board, call up Biotest and they’ll help you out. It just wouldn’t be an interesting topic for the other readers.