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Great Blues Lines

In the spirit of the Great Rock Lines thread.

So many great, great blues tunes and blues rock tunes out there. So many great down’n out line or just “felt” lyrics.

What are some you love?

Here’s two from an unlikely blues source. Any time I hear “Down Payment Blues” I want to just crawl in a hole it’s so heavy. Same for “Ride On”.

from Down Payment Blues…

Doing nothing means a lot to me
Living on a shoe string
A fifty cent millionaire
Open to charity
Rock ‘n’ roller welfare

I’m living in a nightmare
She’s looking like a wet dream
I got myself a Cadillac
But I can’t afford the gasoline

Ride On…

Got another empty bottle
And another empty bed
Ain’t too young to admit it
And I’m not too old to lie
I’m just another empty head.

Oops, forgot one-- Gimme a Bullet --AC/DC

Don’t need no drink
Don’t need no drug
Don’t need no sympathy
Sooner or later
Send me a bill
For what she’s doing to me
Long distance lips
On the telephone
Come tomorrow
Come to grips
With me all alone

Gimme a bullet to bite on…