Great article, Mike!

I’m anxious to try it out. Especially the leg workout. Do you think it would be ok to incorporate that leg routine into something like 5x5? In other words, do 10x1 for legs, but stick to a 5x5 protocol for upper body? I would like to add some size to my legs, but focus on strength for my upper body. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Hey, Mike. I did the leg workout last night and it worked me over something good! A couple of questions for you on the squat though. You say to lower the rest period by 15 seconds (from 1 minute to 45 seconds in my case) after you successfully complete 10x1 at a given weight. Since you start in the bottom position, how do you define failure? I ask because I used three different weights throughout the ten sets (too light, then too heavy, then just right. Hmmm, sounds like the three bears). I figured I’d take the average of them for next time.

I noticed that my form would wane a bit when getting the bar off of the safety pins just in the bottom position (so the first 1/8th of the movement or so). Should I consider that failure and lower the weight for next time (I even experienced this during the third weight that I tried… then one that felt right)? So I’m wondering if even that was too heavy for me.

Part of it, I know, is just not yet being comfortable with my positioning when I get under the bar, as it is new to me. In a regular squat, I would just ditch the bar on the safety pins if I knew I was going to have trouble getting it back up. But in this case, since the bottom is the starting position I feel like the movement is well underway before I realize I may be having some trouble with it. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I’ve probably answered my own question here, but if you have any tips on how to get used to just starting out in the bottom up squat, I’m all ears. I felt so good after this workout I’ll definitely be giving it a good solid go for awhile. I’ll probably have some more questions as I ease into this, but if you have any thought for me, please let me know. Thanks!


Tyler, glad that you liked the workout. The bottom position squat will feel awkward for a while so don’t worry about that too much. It takes a lot of power to get the bar moving from that position. Ease into it gradually.

I’ve been doing this routine for about a week now. It’s ridiculous… in a good sense. I’ve always had a terrible time with improving my actual ‘performance’ with the weights - this is working extremely well.

The CNS thing tho - the first time I did this, I couldn’t sleep for almost 2 straight days. Most recently, I was up till almost 7:30 in the morning before i finally fell asleep. Usually I go to sleep around 11 in the evening. Is it possible that somehow this training is hitting my nervous system in ways that 1-6 or 6x4 was totally missing? I feel like a speed fiend.

Glad that the program is working well for you. It definitely his the nerves and you are obviosuly sensitive to this style of training. You should adapt soon and me alright.