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Great Abdominal Workout


its a exercise my friend invented and its really really greaaat!! check it out and tell me if u all liked or not





why on earth?


why not?




I guess it depends on what your goals are.

But ab training is already simple enough. Why do all that "other stuff?"

Seems like you could put all that energy into your lifting session.


well my goals are looking huge,i have been training for 1 year now and i know its not a lot of time but i know that what seems harder usually gives you the best results,and this my friend is ridiculously hard


If you don't take your shirt off, does the exercise lose all it's positive effects?


Yea, it looks tough. I give you props for being able to do that. Bit like I said before, why do that when the energy could be poured into your compound movemnts? That is where you will builed the nasty abs moreso than direct training.


Shirts inhibit anabolism.


while it does look like a good abs exersize, it seems to be doing alot of work on your back and biceps too, which seems uneccesary. there are alot of other ab exersizes that put just as much strain on the abs without straining other bodyparts that you might have just trained or want to train properly soon.


So much time wasted...


Awesome move brah...come back in 5 years and let us know how its working